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Alleyway Ambiance

(04/29/16 11:42am)

One of my favorite places to be is lying down on my bed, in my towel, after I take a shower. "Towel time," which I've declared a daily ritual, provides me with the 10 minutes of meditation needed before finishing my day in clean skin. It's a state of bliss where blankets feel softer against my warm dewy skin and my mind has a moment to rest.

Keeping Halls and Hearts

(03/01/16 2:59am)

As Rita waited in the check out line at the Camden IGA on a late September afternoon, she gazed over her shoulder to scan the gum and gossip magazines. Just as she went to pick up the fall themed Home and Garden, she heard her name as an elderly couple paraded themselves behind her in line. Pearl and Laban Johnson were familiar faces to Rita however, she had not spoken to either for over 40 years. With Pearl at the stern of the shopping cart and Laban following flushly behind her, they danced through the presupposed hellos and how are yous that come with any reunion. Yet with one quick glance to Rita's left ring finger, Pearl--the mother of Rita's first love--began to smile.

Fewer exams do not indicate a less strenuous degree

(05/05/15 4:33am)

When I tell my peers that I don't have any final exams I'm usually told, "Wow, you're so lucky," followed by the inevitable look. The look all art, education, English or journalism majors like myself know too well. The look that portrays how that person truly believes the work you do isn't equivalent to their own. The look that makes you question your major and the effort you put into your education day in and day out.