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Marie Kondo's method is great for shoes, not people

(01/29/19 7:00pm)

New Year's resolutions always seem to fit one of a couple of themes: Getting that new job, sticking to that new diet or focusing on healthy new relationships. Throughout January, Facebook and Instagram are cluttered with posts talking about self-love and how people are going to take control of their lives in the new year, all with pictures from a summer vacation saved specifically for this moment.

The Woman at Table 9

(12/04/18 10:42pm)

I honestly thought I hated my job. I am not much of a "people person," nor do I have any spectacular culinary talents. So I'm not really sure what possessed me to work as a waitress and chef's assistant in a nursing home. Maybe it was the pay, or the flexible hours. Or maybe it was the opportunity to play an important role in bettering someone's day.

I'm passionate, not just angry

(04/10/18 2:14pm)

This past semester, I screamed at someone so loudly for so long that I lost my voice for a week. Since arriving on campus last fall, I have tried to fight at least 50 people. I've gotten so worked up over the lack of pie in the dining hall that I have actually burst into tears, leaving my friends clueless, uncomfortable and slightly amused -- a mix of emotions that they would soon come to easily recognize.