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Blossoming in America

(04/29/16 11:11am)

My mother Kumi always said she wasn't "typical Japanese." She wore colorful A-line skirts and ruffled blouses and high heels that would click professionally across the floors of one of Hiroshima's top sake companies where she worked. She wore bold lipstick and permed her hair. Often times her older brother's friends would mistake her as "Chiaki's older sister," only to be sternly corrected later. As a secretary, she learned how to organize her boss's perpetually disorganized schedule; how to calmly escort a member of the Yakuza with a "message" for her boss away from the company; and how to survive the company's drinking nights (order sake, she told me with a sly smile, because it comes in a smaller glass. Then always offer to pour for everyone else so they're too drunk to notice you haven't drank as much).