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April showers bring May flowers: florals in fashion

Lee and Julia Keto wear floral prints.
Lee and Julia Keto wear floral prints.

In the ever-changing world of fashion, trends and patterns are often recycled over the years, occasionally making comebacks. If anything has remained consistent, it would have to be the cheery hues of spring. Spring marks the return of blooming bulbs, pastels and delicate florals. 

Without fail, every year a new floral trend emerges. In 2012, we had flower crowns and skater skirts printed with roses. 2019 brought in bold shades of yellow and sunflowers. 2024 is bringing it back to the dantier side by incorporating small floral prints on every garment imaginable – dresses, skirts and even shoes. 

Florals go back further than just the 21st century. They have always coexisted with textiles and patterns, yet have withstood the test of time – no matter how consumer-driven society has been, floral prints have always remained an integral part of fashion and decorating. It transcends cultures and is a telltale sign of a blossoming new season.

While darks and neutrals are autumn and winter staples, pastels and florals are heavily associated with spring. Even though you can wear florals year-round, wearing them in the spring is so deeply ingrained in society. 

Even in home-decorating, a vase of flowers is a common decoration throughout the seasons. That being said, with the brighter days of spring, flowers and nature-centric pieces are pushed to the forefront. Going into any homeware store and not seeing faux tulips is virtually impossible come April. Soft, pink peony garlands adorn mantles, dried wildflower wreaths hang on doors and cheerful bouquets of fresh flowers sit pretty as centerpieces in houses globally.

Photo by Ellen Long | The Miami Student
Lee and Julia Keto stun in bright, colorful florals.

Fast-paced trends cycling through social media are no match for this timeless print. The 20th century brought eye-grabbing maximalist floral trends, whereas the 21st century is much more focused on minimalistic decorations and prints. 

Louder prints were uber-popular in the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s – especially with designers like Betsey Johnson and Lilly Pulitzer, whose aesthetics revolved around larger-than-life floral prints that take up a majority of the garments in comparison to the mini flowers that are popular among Brandy Melville and Laura Ashley.

Wearing and decorating in florals goes so much deeper than just being a seasonal staple – it is a direct connection to nature and the renewal of vitality every year. It is a wordless way of bringing spirits up after months of bitterness and gloom, which is perhaps why florals have remained so relevant throughout the years. Frilled edges and the lush myriad of colors deem flowers pleasant to the eye: a small pleasure of life.

Shademakers Garden Center and Oxford Flower Shop are just two of several flower shops right here in Oxford. Whether flowers are wanted for holiday celebrations, to give to a loved one or just to plant for warmer weather, flowers are used in a variety of ways that all bring a little cheer in the midst of mundane days.

As winter melts away into spring, take a look at the flora and fauna – as long as the flowers are still fresh and abloom, they will remain prevalent when it comes time to update your wardrobe.

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