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Classes to consider for your Fall 2024 schedule

Registration for the next semester is upon Miami students once again. It’s inescapable and cyclical, so the only thing to do is grab your D.A.R. report, schedule an adviser meeting and set early alarms for your registration date.

However, even though registering can be stressful, the classes you choose don’t have to be. Whether it be for a Miami Plan requirement or because you just need a couple more credit hours, here’s a list of slightly obscure classes to fill up your schedule.

1. AMS 305: American Icons

This course focuses on objects and symbols that represent the United States and are associated with the ideals of America both at home and in the global world. The class shows how different people’s beliefs and qualities can come together to represent a whole.

2. ATH 190A: Investigating the Paranormal

Considering all of the paranormal activity on Miami’s campus like the ghost of Peabody Hall, learning about it seems beneficial.

3. CHI 261: Forbidden Romance

What better way to live vicariously than through modern China’s “forbidden romances.” Students survey literary works and films that describe illicit love, desire and sexuality in China during the 20th and 21st centuries.

4. CLS 121: Greek and Roman Mythology

Didn’t get enough of the Odyssey in high school? No worries. In this class, you can explore how Greek myths have been used and adapted in other historical periods and by other cultures up to today.

5. GER 231: Folk & Literary Fairy Tales

Travel back to your childhood with this class, where students read and evaluate selected tales in the Grimms' collection and survey literary fairy tales from the 19th century to the present.

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6. IMS 384: Rhetoric of Games

The video game world has always been a popular place, so what happens when students study the games they grew up playing? In this class, students will learn to apply rhetorical thinking and disciplinary knowledge to the study of games.

7. MUS 189: The Beauty of Western Music

This class is for the music fanatics hiding at Miami. It introduces students to musical genres, composers and works that represent art and music traditions in Western Europe and the United States from the Middle Ages to the twenty-first century.

8. REL 313: Marriage Across Cultures

Considering the large impact marriage has on Americans, a class using feminist theory and gender studies to explore the lives of people across Western and non-Western cultures is an interesting way to further your knowledge.

9. THE 123: Acting for Non-Majors

Have you ever dreamed of being on stage, but didn’t have the time for drama club in high school, and college was too daunting? Then THE 123 is for you. This class develops basic acting skills in non-majors and includes script studies.

10. WGS 232: Women Writers

This intro class to women’s writing is for anyone who loves poetry, drama, fiction and non-fiction written by women throughout history.