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Associated Student Government holds cabinet elections and hears from the student body president and vice president elects

Student Body President elect Will Brinley and Student Body Vice President elect Babs Dwyer speak with ASG about their proposed initiatives.
Student Body President elect Will Brinley and Student Body Vice President elect Babs Dwyer speak with ASG about their proposed initiatives.

Miami University’s Associated Student Government (ASG) held four cabinet elections and one confirmation at its April 9 meeting. Student Body President-Elect (SBP) Will Brinley and Student Body Vice President-Elect (SBVP) Babs Dwyer gave an update on post-victory initiatives.

Brinley and Dwyer said they want to use their positions to facilitate connection between students and student government. Brinley said they plan on holding office hours to hear from students and provide representation for the different communities on campus.

“I am a white male,” Brinley said. “I cannot pretend to speak for all the different [communities].”

Dwyer spoke about a proposed interactive accessibility map. With this, students will be able to locate things like ramps, elevators and gender-neutral bathrooms around campus.

“It’s hard to put yourself in those shoes until you’re made aware of how difficult it is to navigate around campus,” Dwyer said.

ASG confirmed Senator Nya Hodge as the new chief of staff. She was nominated by Brinley and Dwyer. Hodge spoke about her involvement on campus and completion of fellowships through Miami. She said she wants to work internally and focus on accountability, coordination and team morale.

“I don’t think you need to punish someone in order to keep them accountable,” Hodge said.

Secretary for Safety and Wellness Shelby Alford and Senator Jackson Abram ran for speaker of the senate. Alford won the election, running on mental health initiatives and collaboration. She wants to hold wellness and social events in the future.

“I love giving people the skills they need to be able to lead,” Alford said.

Alford wants to work on uniting ASG and finishing legislation from the ground up.

Senators Grace Grady and Yushen Chen ran for secretary of communications and media relations. Grady won the election and promised collaboration with other organizations, photo archives and marketing.

Grady said she values photos and that ASG needs more. She is working on an annual ASG yearbook and wants to create a PhotoCircle, where senators can distribute photos with each other. She said ASG needs a uniform aesthetic, so it is easily recognizable.

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Senator John Day ran uncontested in the election of secretary of infrastructure and sustainability and won. His focal point is education and he hopes to bridge the gap between what Miami offers and what students know.

Day also said he wants to add a keynote speaker to sustainability/earth week.

Senator Riley Crabtree ran for secretary of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) uncontested. Crabtree wants to create lasting connections with student organizations and support multicultural organizations on campus. She said she is prepared to deal with issues as they arise.

“It’s really important that we remain flexible,” Crabtree said.

There was a student concern about menstrual products costing 25 cents in Bachelor Hall. Alford said that a campaign providing free access to feminine products is slowly being rolled out in academic buildings.

Students can upload concerns to this ASG form. ASG will continue cabinet elections at 6 p.m on April 16 in the Joslin Senate Chamber.