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Where to go when the rec center is too packed

For students, making time for the gym is hard. Between writing papers, reading books and taking tests, those trying to squeeze in an hour at Miami University’s rec center will often find it absolutely packed.

Wall to wall, as far as the eye can see, gym bros and girls dominate the space. Excessive wait times for a rack, bench or machine can easily test anyone’s patience. This can make it difficult to stay in the correct headspace students need to work out.

For residents who don’t have a connection to Miami and students who want to get away from the crowds, Oxford has several less populated workout options to explore.

Anytime Fitne

Anytime Fitness is located just off campus on 5276 College Corner Pike, heading toward Walmart. Members can sign up for one of three payment plans: a 12-month basic membership for $50 a month, a 12-month premium membership for $70 a month or an open-ended membership that costs $78 a month and can be canceled any time.

One of the perks that comes with being a premium member at this gym comes in the form of access to its red light therapy beds and Evolt 360 body scanner. Kelsey Telker, manager at Anytime Fitness, said that the red light therapy beds have quite the number of capabilities and benefits.

“The red light therapy basically looks like a tanning bed, but it does the opposite,” Telker said. “It’s great for anti-aging, helps with joint inflammation and with recovery after a workout.”

Anytime Fitness offers all of the necessary machines and equipment any member might need on a 24/7 basis. The gym also provides multiple personal training options. Private training includes one-on-one attention for a client and trainer. Semi-private training can be thought of as a small group session for you and your friends. Lastly, group training involves a larger number of people training together. 

Photo by Joey Skolny | The Miami Student

Anytime Fitness is an additional option with a three-tier membership system. The gym is located at 5276 College Corner Pike.

Prime Fitness

Prime Fitness is a family-owned gym in Oxford, located down the street from Gaslight Brewhouse on 507 S. College Ave. The gym, owned by brothers Dakota and Nick Byrd who live mere minutes away, operates 24/7. Potential clients can call ahead to schedule a tour or walk-in any day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

While offering all of the amenities and equipment that can be expected from a gym, Prime Fitness prides itself on a particular aspect of its facilities. Dakota Byrd said the facility’s flattering lighting keeps members coming back. 

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“We have pink, blue and purple lights,” Byrd said. “We’ve done research and [that’s] what helps show your muscles off best.”

Prime Fitness sets its payment plans up with Miami students in mind. The gym offers either a $45 per month yearly plan or a $50 per month monthly plan. On top of the yearly plan, the gym allows students to take off two months of fees to cover things like winter break when they won’t be in town to use the gym. 

Photo by Joey Skolny | The Miami Student

Prime Fitness is open 24 hours, making it accessible to students looking to exercise before or after class. The gym is located at 507 S. College Ave.

Planet Fitness

This purple-and-yellow-themed gym franchise can be recognized all around the country. Offering a wide selection of workout equipment and ample space to exercise in, the nearest Planet Fitness is just 20 minutes down the road in Hamilton. 

Planet Fitness offers two membership packages, both of which include a starter fee for account activation. Opting for the black card entails a premium membership which costs roughly $25 per month.

With this membership, members gain unlimited access to all Planet Fitness locations and can bring a guest with them anytime they choose to. The black card also gives members access to some of the gym’s more exclusive facilities, such as massage chairs and tanning booths. 

There is also the regular membership, which lets members access the Hamilton gym and costs $10 per month. The gym is open weekdays from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. and on weekends from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

Along with the amenities Planet Fitness offers, Adrianna Day, the club manager at the gym, said that one of the benefits anyone, member or not, can get is the Planet Fitness app. 

“There are tons of different videos you can follow along with, whether it be at the gym or at home, you don't even have to be a member to have access to some of these videos,” Day said. “You can just download the app and use it.”

Photo by Joey Skolny | The Miami Student

The gym franchise Planet Fitness can be another option for students looking to get out of Oxford, located at 702 NW Washington Blvd in Hamilton.

Work out at home

The thought of working out at home can often rehash COVID-19 memories. Whether you’re reminiscent about the days of lockdown or glad to be back out in the world, it’s hard to deny that many people’s fitness patterns were changed during the pandemic. Working out at home offers many benefits despite what some may think. 

For one, it’s free. There are no monthly withdrawals to worry about. While most college students probably lack the equipment that commercial or private gyms can afford, body-weight exercises can be just as impactful.

Working out at home means one can do it on their own time and in their own privacy. You can sweat it out away from judgy eyes or even the tripod cameras set up by the so called, “gym-fluencers” often found in gyms. 

It can be hard to get into working out. Tack on the frequent capacity problems of Miami’s rec center, and an average gym-goer may just be inclined to turn away. Before you give up, try to continue in your fitness journey at one of the alternative options listed here.