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Songs to share with your sweetheart this Valentine's Day

There's nothing more romantic than making your Valentine a playlist full of sweet songs.
There's nothing more romantic than making your Valentine a playlist full of sweet songs.

I’m a simple girl: I see hearts with a red and pink color combination, and I’m sold — so it’s no surprise that Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday. I love the idea of having a special holiday to celebrate the people I love, whether it be a partner, a friend or a family member.

In the spirit of all things mushy gushy, I’ve put together a list of what I believe to be the cutest love songs. A personalized playlist makes for both a cost efficient and heartfelt gift to give to your Valentine. Feel free to add these tracks to your playlist.

Don’t worry, I won’t tell your Valentine that you didn’t think of them on your own.

‘Head Over Feet’ — Alanis Morissette

As a diehard Morissette fan, I may be a little biased, but I genuinely find this to be one of the sweetest love songs of all time. The lyrics capture the essence of falling harder than intended and appreciating the love and devotion a healthy partner provides.

‘All I Want Is You’ — Barry Louis Polisar

I first heard this twangy little song on the “Juno” soundtrack. The lyrics are rather simple, but they’re adorable and enough to make anyone’s heart swell. If your Valentine is a fan of indie music, this will make a perfect addition to your playlist.

‘Margaret’ — Lana Del Rey ft. Bleachers

As a Lana stan, I have to include at least one song by her on every list. It was hard to narrow down contenders for the best love songs by her (she has plenty), but “Margaret” is simply beautiful. It’s a gorgeous song about how it feels to find “The One.”

‘Everybody Wants to Love You’ — Japanese Breakfast

Lyrically, this track is quite simple and straightforward, but the catchy chorus and upbeat instrumental make it a perfect song to dance to. The Audiotree live version is great, too, and it’s on Spotify.

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‘Lovesong’ — The Cure

The Cure has a plethora of love songs, and this one makes the top of my list. Lyrically and instrumentally, this song is a masterpiece. Robert Smith wrote this track as a wedding gift to his wife, Mary Poole, further solidifying its title as a quintessential Valentine’s Day song.

‘Il cielo in una stanza’ — Mina

There’s nothing more swoon worthy than an Italian love song. Mina’s artistry has solidified her as one of the most iconic Italian performers, and this track is nothing short of a delight. If you don’t speak Italian, the English version — which is just as beautiful — is also on Spotify.

‘I Won’t Share You’ — The Smiths

I know, I know. The obligatory love song from The Smiths’ discography is “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out,” but I didn’t want to be too predictable. “I Won’t Share You” is just as romantic, despite its rather possessive tone.

‘Misty’ — Lesley Gore

If you or your Valentine enjoy older music, this track is perfect for your playlist. The lyrics are sweet, and Gore’s vocals make the song feel even more lovey-dovey. It would be a delightful song to share a slow dance to.

‘(There Is) No Greater Love’ — Amy Winehouse

Originally recorded by Billie Holiday, Winehouse puts her own spin on this romantic jazz track, and I just adore it. It’s gentle, it’s comforting and, in true Winehouse fashion, it makes for some great ear candy.

‘Anyone Else But You’ — The Moldy Peaches

This song also makes an appearance on the “Juno” soundtrack, but I couldn’t leave it out. It’s adorably silly and guaranteed to bring a smile to your Valentine’s face. It’s catchy, and, if you play the guitar or ukulele, quite easy to play.

‘Still Remains’ — Stone Temple Pilots

This one’s for any alternative/rock fans. It’s a gripping, grunge ballad about feeling completely devoted to your lover — so devoted that you want to be with them even after death. 

‘Kingston’ — Faye Webster

This song perfectly captures the feeling of being lovestruck. Webster’s lovely vocals and lyricism are the equivalent to a box of chocolates. Webster has a number of great love songs, but this one is a personal favorite of mine.

‘You Are’ — Dolly Parton

I’m trying to cater to everyone here, so for you country lovers, there’s nothing better than a little Dolly Parton. This is a charming and underrated song, as Parton sings about just how much her lover means to her.

‘When I’m With You’ — Sheriff

Not only is this a great ’80s love ballad, but it was also my parents’ wedding song, which makes it feel like one of the most romantic tracks of all time.

Happy Valentine’s Day — and you’re welcome for ghostwriting your Valentine’s playlist.