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Start this spring semester in a new style

Students should wear winter coats, but feel free to dress up underneath with neutral shades like beige.
Students should wear winter coats, but feel free to dress up underneath with neutral shades like beige.

Now that the new semester has started, Miami University students are searching for ways to revamp their style.

For some, that means keeping up with the glow they got on vacation by self-tanning at Oxford’s Palm Beach Tan or shopping for winter clothes at the local TJ Maxx and Goodwill. Others shed last year’s skin by clearing out their wardrobe.

Photo by Evan Stefanik | The Miami Student
Many students go shopping for the new semester at TJ Maxx in Oxford.

Dulce Matthews, a junior computer science major, runs a private Snapchat story where she sells her retired pieces to friends for as low as $5. Then, she either donates the leftovers as hand-me-downs to her family or pawns them at Plato’s Closet.

“The holidays kickstart you wanting to be a new person, so more people are willing to buy my stuff,” Matthews said. “They get to enjoy my stuff, and I get rid of it. It’s a win-win.”

She tends to stock up on athleticwear and warm long-sleeves for herself after finishing her sales. In this cold stretch, wearing beige and deeper colors like navy to contrast the brightness of Oxford’s gray environment makes her happiest. 

Her approach typically puts her in sweatpants and sweatshirts from Aloe and Urban Outfitters. Most days, she wears her long North Face coat and comfortable UGG boots overtop.

“I try to curate myself to be more minimalistic,” Matthews said. “I’d rather not have as much but have some staples instead.”

Walking around campus, Matthews hopes to see less Lululemon and Artizia on students. So, they might visit Goodwill to turn a profit from the trendy brands.

Photo by Evan Stefanik | The Miami Student
Students often donate goods from their holiday season at the Oxford Goodwill.

Ruth Cole, Goodwill’s store manager, said up to 30 more students come to the store every day now, compared to the stagnance of business during Miami’s break.

Besides the outdated Christmas products that constantly load in, students also stop by to sort through decorations for their upcoming fun.

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“A lot of students come in to buy miscellaneous things for themed parties,” Cole said. “A lot of household goods go, too.”

But for improving their own physical appearance instead, students check in at Palm Beach Tan. Madison Huber, general manager and senior education studies major, mostly encounters sorority members around this time.

Photo by Evan Stefanik | The Miami Student
Sorority members often self-tan at Palm Beach Tan in Oxford at the start of the semester.

“There’s always a boost in business because of rush season,” Huber said. “We go from about 70-80 people a day to 100.”

Huber recommends anybody interested in instant results to first experiment with light-to-medium sprays, rather than trying to darken quickly using a sunbed. The company offers sprays that gradually match the customers’ skin tone.

However, saving money bodes best for students. So, for the simplest way to improve in fashion ahead of the curve this semester, they should follow Matthews’s advice.  

“People get attached to clothes for their sentimental vibe,” Matthews said. “But you have to think about what you’re actually wearing, and if it makes sense to still take up space in your closet.”