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Eye on Miami: Scout Tincher creates art with makeup

Tincher records a "What's in my Makeup Bag" video.
Tincher records a "What's in my Makeup Bag" video.

Makeup can be such a controversial topic.

Some people view doing a full face as unnatural, while others do their makeup as a getting ready ritual. Some people prefer the “no makeup” makeup look, and some people prefer to do a full-beat.

One thing everybody can agree on is that makeup is a form of self expression — and nobody knows that better than sophomore arts management and entrepreneurship major Scout Tincher.

“I’ve been doing my own makeup for about 10 years now,” Tincher said. “It started with me and my friends stealing my mom’s blue e.l.f. eyeshadow, and my love started there.”

Photo by Scout Tincher | The Miami Student
Tincher poses with a third eye made of pink shadow.

Tincher is a completely self-taught makeup artist. With only a makeup brush and some YouTube videos, she went from a makeup rookie to working with several student organizations at Miami University including UP Magazine and Miami University Fashion and Design (MUF&D).

“When I originally started out with makeup, I was just wearing it to look better and make myself feel better – not for anyone else other than myself,” Tincher said.

Oftentimes, people associate makeup with earning the attention of others. Tincher said she realized in high school that people didn’t care whether she wore makeup or not. That realization led her to stop thinking of it as a way to hide insecurities and start thinking of it as an artform.

Now, Tincher doesn’t shy away from bold colors and geometric shapes, bringing art to life on her face.

“I do really non-traditional heavy glam. I don’t use traditional techniques or materials, and I may or may not choose to work with shapes that fit my face. It’s very avant-garde,” Tincher said.

Tincher doesn’t just use makeup as a vessel — she uses props such as gemstones, pearls and lots of glitter to add dimension and a creative layer to her work. In her own looks, she draws inspiration from art periods, television and movies from her day-to-day looks. Recently, she said a Star Wars class she took at Miami has inspired her to do more alien looks.

Photo by Scout Tincher | The Miami Student
Tincher embellishes her eye look with a pair of lashes.

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In her work for other people, though, she tones it down.

“Whenever I work on a client, I don’t go as abstract as what I do on my own face. I just did some homecoming makeup a few weeks ago, and one person gave me complete creative freedom,” Tincher said. “Even then, some glitter liner and rhinestones is all I did, because I want to give clients the best quality I can give, and a look they’re excited to wear.”

Even though Tincher started off working on herself, she has broadened her horizons into doing makeup for others, including models for Miami University's own fashion organizations. At UP, she operates with complete creative liberty, and she said the process has been cool.

Julia Moore, a creative writing major and UP print writer, recently had her story come to life with the help of Tincher on the set of her photoshoot. 

“Scout totally knew what she was doing, and everything looked amazing,” Moore said. “She was super professional and contributed to everything, even stuff that wasn’t directly in her field.” 

Tincher is just a sophomore, so her journey as a makeup artist is far from over.

“I would absolutely love to do makeup as a career,” Tincher said. “There’s so many possibilities … runway makeup, working on private clients, freelance work or even doing personal things like working as a birthday princess, as off the wall as that sounds.” 

Photo by Scout Tincher | The Miami Student
Tincher dresses up her more traditional makeup with golden teardrops and a halo.

Even if full glam is not your go-to look, Tincher’s makeup journey is an amazing example of personality and self-expression within the Miami student body. Her unique looks are striking and prove that breaking out of societal norms can open doors to endless opportunity.