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The ultimate holiday style guide

A lit-up Christmas tree sits as the main attraction at home.
A lit-up Christmas tree sits as the main attraction at home.

With the holiday season here and trends changing ever so quickly, figuring out your look can be stressful.

A picture-perfect holiday can be challenging to achieve, whether that be a small get-together with your closest friends or carrying out your favorite traditions with your family.

No matter the occasion, building holiday outfits can be easy if you have closet staples that will always be classy and timeless.

Photo by Allison Lee | The Miami Student
Lee uses a few favorite makeup products during this season.

For the Friendsgiving

Being with your friends can make you feel more creative. If you’re wanting to pull all the stops, an outfit consisting of black leather can be daring while still classic.

If you like to dress in a more feminine way, you can achieve this look by wearing a simple black skirt (preferably mini), an eye-catching sweater and a leather jacket. It’s simple, chic and can be done on a college student's budget.

Mixing metals could make an iconic outfit even more mod. Although silver and gold are typically not mixed, pairing them with an otherwise simple outfit could pull the whole thing together.

Elevate the outfit with statement shoes like leather boots and a little black purse. To make the look more warm and cozy, accessorize with an oversized scarf and brown lipstick — Glossier’s Hot Cocoa Balm Dot Com is a fall staple.

You can make the outfit more masculine by swapping the skirt for black trousers or dark-washed jeans and trading long boots for chelsea boots. 

Photo by Evan Stefanik | The Miami Student
Dress your place up with a Thanksgiving-looking blanket.

With the family

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If you don’t want to go full-glam with your family, you can achieve the same vibe in a more subtle manner.

Use closet basics, like jeans and a neutral turtleneck, to build your base. Neutral basics are always great to keep in your wardrobe since they never go out of style. You can layer with a fun sweatshirt over the turtleneck or bejewel the neutrals by adding a fun brooch.

Should the affair be dressier, a little black dress is always the way to go. You can put your own unique touch on it by pairing the dress with bold-colored tights and matching shoes for a semi-monochromatic look. Faux-fur jackets are also a fun garment to play around with — they’re classy and can really elevate your outfit.

Photo by Allison Lee | The Miami Student
Lee chooses dressed-up solid colors for her holiday outfits.

A monochromatic pantsuit could be a fun way to spice up your wardrobe game. Add an oversized blazer and matching winter accessories for warmth and style. The boxier silhouette incorporates a level of androgyny and coolness that’ll make you stand out.

Even a classic sports coat can be interesting. A patterned or colorful dress shirt beneath can look chic, especially if you go with jewel tones. If that isn’t your vibe, a fun tie can be a subtle nod to your personal style without being over-the-top.

For the modest dresser

Dressing modestly is a real gem that’s often overlooked. The length of your garments makes for dimensioning that is otherwise not used in more liberal clothing. 

Silk maxi skirts are a sophisticated take on the average trouser or mini skirt. It combines the modesty of trousers with the flair and motion of a mini skirt. The silk material is so easy to match with as well. Many stores like H&M, Zara and even T.J. Maxx offer matching skirt and blouse sets that are en vogue.

Photo by Allison Lee | The Miami Student
Lee poses in comfortable clothes for Christmas.

Basic knit sweaters can also be worn. They’re also easy to layer with for extra modesty and warmth. A look that would be fun to mess with is a silk maxi skirt paired with a matching turtleneck and a neutral cable-knit sweater on top. The matching colors with the skirt and under-layer offers a more modern look and the sweater on top would offer some contrast within the materials.

Daintier accessories would pair well with an outfit like this, as to not draw away from the outfit itself. Hair accessories like bows or headbands would provide a maximalist touch without being too overpowering.

No matter your personal style, coming up with a great outfit doesn’t have to be challenging. Looking through your closet and drawing inspiration from new arrivals at your favorite stores can be a fun way to make your holiday look fresh and exciting.