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ASG senator drops legislation following President Crawford’s statement on Israel-Hamas war

HAWKS Peer Health Educators Aidan Schacht and Mark Rick lead ASG in Bystander Intervention Training.
HAWKS Peer Health Educators Aidan Schacht and Mark Rick lead ASG in Bystander Intervention Training.

Miami University’s Associated Student Government (ASG) responded to President Greg Crawford’s statement on the Israel-Hamas war, passed legislation regarding Oxford resident and student interaction and updated Senate Standing Rules on Nov. 14 during its weekly meeting.

Senator Nicholas Barry authored proposed legislation regarding an ASG statement on the Israel-Hamas War and its effects felt at Miami. However, following Crawford’s statement sent out Nov. 14, Barry decided to drop his legislation. He plans on bringing forth new legislation that will support Crawford’s statement at a future meeting.

“I would just like to say thank you President Crawford for standing up for the students of this university,” Barry said. “This statement is a monumental victory for Miami University and affirms that we are truly the school of love and honor.”

ASG passed legislation aimed at strengthening the relationship between Oxford residents and Miami students. Senator Jackson Abram proposed this resolution and said events typically take place in the summer, when many students are not in town.

Once passed, it would encourage the city council to extend events through the school year. It serves as a recommendation for the council, urging for implementation.

“The city is actually listening to us,” said Maryam Nawaz, secretary for off-campus affairs and sponsor of this legislation. “Next year, Oxtoberfest is actually going to be on the weekend and students are going to be here.”

HAWKS Peer Health Educators, a Miami program that allows students to learn health safety from other students, visited ASG for Bystander Intervention Training. Seniors Aidan Schacht and Mark Rick lead the program. They discussed red flags in different scenarios such as alcohol overdose, relationships and prescription drug usage.

“There are many ways to intervene,” Schacht said. “Even if sounds, space and time don't seem to be connected, just go with what you're given and take action.”

ASG approved an amendment to its Senate Standing Rules. Parliamentarian Eli Davies explained revisions and what passing it would mean. Under the newly passed amendment, students outside ASG can co-author legislation, which includes at-large committee members. 

Secretary of Academic Affairs Spencer Mandzak said he was happy about the outcome of a recent health policy event, which hundreds of members of the health field attended. The conference lasted three days and attendees discussed legislation that will positively affect current and potential nurses.

“We had people from the Ohio House Health Committee and Ohio Senate Health Committee come to Miami’s campus and listen,” Mandzak said. “Hopefully in the next couple weeks they’ll actually generate these policy ideas which we are really excited about.”

Secretary of Safety and Wellness Shelby Alford gave an update on the future plans of giving out cup covers and other safety devices. ASG gave out 500 Nightcaps last month and plans on hosting a similar event before spring break. The organization will also hand out roofie-test strips.

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Between Nov. 11 and Nov. 29, ASG will host the Power of Words campaign at Slant Walk along with dog therapy. ASG will hand out candy and stickers after participants answer prompts relating to spreading kindness to yourself and those around you.

“It's basically just a way for us to show senators your words matter, and you can use them to either share positivity or to share negativity,” Alford said. 

The next ASG meeting will be at 6 p.m. on Nov. 28 in the Joslin Senate Chamber.