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Fall in love with local retailer Walker’s Footwear & Apparel

Rowell purchases a sweatshirt at Walker’s counter.
Rowell purchases a sweatshirt at Walker’s counter.

The weather is finally feeling like fall, and the people of Oxford, Ohio, are embracing the chill.

As a junior, I’ve spent a good amount of time wandering Uptown and exploring the plethora of shops and experiences that a small town has to offer, but I’ve never had the opportunity to explore Walker’s Footwear and Apparel. 

I was gallivanting around the streets of Oxford, as many students do on a Saturday afternoon, and I was struck by Walker’s sandwich board outside the storefront which had an adorable seasonal pattern and hook that stated “Fall in love with new styles for fall.” I am an absolute sucker for a chalk-pen-drawn A-Frame sign with an awesome pun, and Walker’s totally succeeded in drawing me into their store. 

Photo by Caroline Rowell | The Miami Student
Walker’s sells a wide range of apparel.

I visited with my mom and sister over Miami University’s Family Weekend, and we were blown away at the brands that Walker’s carries and the quality of their products. The most notable and one of their largest clothing inventory sections is Patagonia, and the store is currently having a sale on a lot of their summer inventory to be ready for the inevitably colder temperatures that Oxford will face in the coming months.

Another big seller in Walker’s is the large selection of Birkenstocks that they carry — there is an entire wall display dedicated to them. If you are in need of a new pair (I’m eyeing the Boston clogs myself), this is the place for you. 

Sandals, straps, suede, plastic and original are prominently shown off, and it’s awesome that there’s a shop selling these high-quality, well-known brands. Students and locals alike can support local businesses and the Oxford economy while still purchasing from ideal brands. 

Walking into Walker’s is a lovely surprise. The shop seems quiet and small compared to the ever-busy Chipotle located right in front of it, but there is a well-used and large sales floor filled with inventory.

Aside from the popular Birkenstock and Patagonia selection, I noticed a couple other favorite brands. There was an assortment of Southern Tide graphic tees and boatwear as well as a great selection of Baggu reusable bags. As I was with my family, we of course had to purchase a Baggu for groceries and any miscellaneous items we needed to spontaneously carry around.

I also purchased a much-needed fleece Patagonia jacket and a hat for my father. The store also had a handmade, hypoallergenic jewelry collection on display.

I went into Walker’s with low expectations and they were met and exceeded. As a self-proclaimed fashion-lover and local business shopper, I had never given much thought to this store, but I am so happy to have visited. 

As the weather continues to turn, be sure to stop in to check out the spectacular array of brands and items that Walker’s carries. Visit the store at 1 W. High St. #102 or see its website

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Photo by Caroline Rowell | The Miami Student
Many shirts and sweatshirts are on display in Walker’s.