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The future is bright for Dean Lewis fans

Fans put their hands in the air as Dean Lewis performs at the Newport Music Hall.
Fans put their hands in the air as Dean Lewis performs at the Newport Music Hall.

Pop artist Dean Lewis performed at the Newport Music Hall, as part of his “The Future Is Bright" tour, next to the campus of Ohio State University on Friday, Sept. 22, in Columbus. 

Newport Music Hall only holds 1,700 people, and most of the tickets were first come, first serve when it came to seating. The tight-knit atmosphere allowed fans to get up close with Lewis, adding to the already breathtaking experience. 

The doors to the venue opened at 7 p.m., and his opener, 24-year-old Sara Kays, an artist from Indiana, began playing shortly after. Her dialogue with the audience grabbed the attention of everyone in the crowd, explaining what each song meant to her. Kays didn’t have a flashy performance, but that didn’t take away anything from the act, but instead drew attention to her angelic voice. 

Lewis came on half an hour after the opener ended, starting with his 2021 singleLooks Like Me.” He emerged from the back of the stage with energy through the roof. Jumping into the show, he started to dance around the stage. 

As Lewis finished his first song, he held up a heart with his hands, and the crowd roared for him. The energy that fans had was unmatched. Everyone was singing at the top of their lungs, and every time Lewis announced another song, the excitement increased. 

Lewis went on to sing some of his lesser-known songs, including “Hurtless” and “7 Minutes.”  Although he wasn't playing his greatest hits the whole time, the energy never faded.

Throughout the concert, he repeatedly went to the edge of the stage and interacted with fans. Lewis even took time out of the concert to sing happy birthday to one of his biggest fans that night. 

After the build-up, Lewis moved on to his well known  songs: “Be Alright” andHalf a Man.” He brought the end of the show with a bang as he sang and switched between the guitar and piano. Everyone was waiting to hear their favorite songs and called out at the first note. 

A colorful light show throughout the performance flowed with every song he played. Yellow, purple, and blue rays moved across the stage as a spotlight followed Lewis, adding visual elements to the outstanding performance. 

Toward the end of the set list, Lewis  played his song “Waves.” During this song, Lewis, the Australian born singer, came out with an American flag wrapped around his shoulders, making everyone scream excitedly. His ability to know his audience and what would get their attention was apparent. 

The overall experience of the concert was excellent, and I would return to another one of Lewis’s shows, especially at the Newport Music Hall. The ticket price was only $50, so the whole experience was worth every penny. 

Rating 9/10

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