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The six best ways to spend your time in Oxford

<p>Bagel &amp; Deli is perfect for anyone looking to grab a late-night bite to eat.</p>

Bagel & Deli is perfect for anyone looking to grab a late-night bite to eat.

Going to class and studying takes more time than anyone wants it to regardless of where you go to school. Still, students at Miami University will have plenty of free time to take advantage of.

Here’s the six best ways to spend your time on campus and in Oxford when you don’t have homework to finish and tests to cram for.

Take a stroll in the woods

No matter how down you get from school, the green areas on campus are there for you to lose yourself in. According to Miami’s website, there are more than 17 miles of hiking trails on campus.

Many trails run along Four Mile Creek and Collins Creek, creating a soothing backdrop for you to wander in the woods. A paved trail now connects Peffer Park to the trailheads near the horse stables meaning you can walk until your heart’s content.

Enjoy the local eats

Uptown Oxford has plenty of amazing local restaurants. All you have to do is take slant walk to High Street and let your stomach guide you to your next meal.

Whether the neon lights of Bagel & Deli catch your eye or you decide to venture down the alley to Mac & Joe’s, there’s always something good just a few steps away.

If you’re not too hungry to keep walking, Kofenya is a great spot to grab an early morning meal, but don’t count out Phan Shin. Its meals pack a punch without hitting your wallet.

Photo by Kasey Turman | The Miami Student

Kofenya is perfect to catch up with friends or work on homework.

Find your new favorite shop Uptown

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Oxford is built on small-town shops and restaurants, and as much as the restaurants are talked about, the shops should be right up there with them.

Places like The Apple Tree and Wild Berry could have your next great outfit or just the right centerpiece for your room. If you feel the need for new shoes, Walker’s Footwear and Apparel is just the right place.

Not in the mood for a new outfit? Future Great Comics has all of the comics you need to complete your life, while Black Plastic Records can feed your vinyl addiction.

Photo by Kasey Turman | The Miami Student

If you need new shoes, head on over to Walker's for the perfect pair.

Meet the locals at the Farmer's Market

Every Saturday morning from 9 a.m. to noon, local farmers and vendors take over Oxford Memorial Park Uptown. Booths hold a large array of goodies including coffee, honey, fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Even if you’re not planning on taking anything back to your room, a good breakfast sandwich and coffee goes a long way after a hard week.

Take in the arts

Miami has many hidden gems that students rarely use. The Richard and Carole Cocks Art Museum finds itself on that list.

Admission is free for students, and the museum holds multiple galleries that change each semester. Take a peek outside to see the sculpture park and interact with the installations yourself.

Join a class at the rec center

Miami’s Rec Center offers a broad selection of classes. Join a yoga or general fitness class to stay in shape, or take an aquatic class and become scuba certified. If you’re looking for something to do on a whim, there’s always the rock climbing wall and the pickleball courts.

Photo by Kasey Turman | The Miami Student

From clothes to trinkets, The Apple Tree has something for everyone.