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Say goodbye to summer with these staff song picks

To celebrate (or mourn) the end of summer, TMS's editors have put together a playlist with their favorite songs that represent this transitional time.
To celebrate (or mourn) the end of summer, TMS's editors have put together a playlist with their favorite songs that represent this transitional time.

As summer comes to an end, a new school year begins.

Our editorial staff has put together a playlist to perfectly capture the feeling of those last few weeks of freedom as we transition into the fall. Give it a listen as you make your way to class; take in the remnants of summer before they’re gone. There’s something for everyone — we promise.

‘All of the Good Times’ - Angel Olsen

Coming to terms with the end of summer is a lot like moving on in other aspects of life, and Angel Olsen perfectly encapsulates that feeling on "All of the Good Times." The song starts off slow, but it builds excitement over time, a pattern I desperately wish my fall semester would follow. - Sean Scott, Editor-In-Chief

‘Keep the Rain’ - Searows

The end of summer is the start of fall, and "Keep the Rain" is the perfect quiet song for chilly days. Slow, contemplative and soft, this song is also a great break in pace from the craziness of the fall semester starting. - Sean Scott, Editor-In-Chief

‘September’ - Earth, Wind & Fire

The end of summer means it's finally September. It's almost impossible not to know this song, and it's just as impossible not to get the urge to dance to this classic. - Luke Macy, Managing Editor

‘I’ll Come Too’ - James Blake

Much of James Blake's music exists in a state of laid-back melancholy, and while lyrically "I'll Come Too" isn't much different, it comes off more like complacent acceptance, a fitting feeling for the end of summer. The song is atmospheric and beautiful, reflecting the final fleeting moments of freedom that summer represents. - Reece Hollowell, Entertainment Editor

‘WHAT A DAY’ - Tyler, The Creator

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"WHAT A DAY" creates a light, playful atmosphere but with contemplative and nostalgic lyrics from Tyler. It feels like watching the sunset on the last day of a vacation, reflecting on the good times before starting a new chapter of life.  - Reece Hollowell, Entertainment Editor

‘Round Here’ - Counting Crows

My mom introduced me to this track a couple summers ago; she loved it as a teenager. It reminds me of spending the summer in my hometown — especially leaving home to move back to school. That emotional drive out of my small town just hits different when I’m listening to this tune. - Chloe Southard, Asst. Entertainment Editor

‘Road to Joy (Bright-Side Mix)’ - Peter Gabriel

Gabriel has a new album coming out around the end of this year. This is one of the singles in a long line of singles released on each full moon of the year, and it's a little more upbeat compared to some of the others. - Devin Ankeney, Opinion Editor

‘How Much is Weed?’ - Dominic Fike

From Dominic Fike's recent album “Sunburn” this track feels like the chaotic yet exciting transition from summer to fall. His creative lyrics and beat are getting me through the stress of long syllabuses and class introductions with pep in my step. If you see me with earbuds in while walking to class, I'm probably listening to this. - Ryann Beaschler, Video Editor

‘into the blackhole’ - HOAX

“into the blackhole” by HOAX has the light guitar and energetic melody of summer and the kind of building vocals I love to listen to in the fall. It has me longing for fall vibes and reminiscing about the summer. - Ryann Beaschler, Video Editor

‘Supercut’ - Lorde

This song is just the perfect summer wrap-up in my mind. It definitely makes me think of all the fun summer memories I've made and honestly gets me excited already for next summer. The whole message of the song is nostalgic and bittersweet, so it really sums up all those end-of-summer feelings perfectly.  - Macey Chamberlin, Design Editor

‘Kyoto’ - Phoebe Bridgers

This song is just so beautiful, and I really can't describe why but it reminds me of this sort of funky time, being excited getting back to school but also dreading how busy things are inevitably going to get. To me, this song just sounds like the end of summer. - Macey Chamberlin, Design Editor

‘Keep it Gold’ - Surfaces

Surfaces is the ultimate summer band. The song is colorful, upbeat and feels like you should be partying on the beach while listening. It paints pictures of summer scenes and is sure to fit right into a sunny day. - Sam Norton, GreenHawks Editor

‘Surefire’ - Wilderado

This song is perfect for driving on a country road as the sun begins to set. It’s light hearted but also has a chorus that lifts you up and keeps you jamming out the whole time. Wilderado is a small band, and it has a lot of good, similar stuff. - Sam Norton, GreenHawks Editor

‘Dazed and Confused’ - Ruel

I found this song in the summer of 2020, and whenever I needed to get out of the house this would be on my driving playlist. It reminds me of driving on a backroad with the windows down and the music blaring. Overall good vibes. - Taylor Stumbaugh, Asst. C&C Editor

‘Summer’s End’ - John Prine

“Summer's End” is all about a season coming to a close and having to accept the emotions with it. John Prine's slow cadence and guitar picking puts the listener into an emotional final day of summer that shows time moving while remembering the past. - Kasey Turman, Asst. C&C Editor

‘California Dreamin'’ - The Mamas and the Papas

The lyrics to “California Dreamin'” may say winter, but it always reminds me of fall. The falling leaves. The gray sky. The song evokes driving at the end of summer when you know you should have the windows up but you can't accept that it's too cold this early. - Kasey Turman, Asst. C&C Editor