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Fibers and feelings: How clothing reflects mood

Sampson lays out his different outfits for each day of the week, style based on his mood.
Sampson lays out his different outfits for each day of the week, style based on his mood.

In 1991, researcher Yoon-Hee Kwon explained that the clothing a person wears can not only influence how others may perceive them but also correlates with their own self-image. 

There is an inextricable relationship with the outfits one presents themselves in and their current mood or view on life, which is why fashion is such a beautiful form of art. You don’t have to be a high-end designer presenting on runways, nor is it required to be a social media influencer who posts flashy and ornate garments on someone’s timeline, for your style to hold value. 

In my own life, what I wear on a weekly basis is reflective of my personality. 

I’m a denim enthusiast, so the majority of what I put on will be complimented by a nice pair of jeans. In terms of inspiration, I love looking at photographs of 70s and 80s rock stars like Mick Jagger, Axel Rose and Iggy Pop, as well as the work of French designer Hedi Slimane, although what I wear is much more toned down on account of my limited bank account (sorry Hedi, I cannot afford your $3000 jackets).


Monday was busy as I prepared to move into my apartment off campus. This didn’t hamper my desire to wear something that I felt fit my style, as I enjoy quelling stress by putting together outfits. 

I settled on a simple yet still clean look with a striped shirt that I thrifted from Goodwill, a pair of orange tab 517 Levi’s and my father’s old sambas. 

Photo by Jack Sampson | The Miami Student
Sampson poses in his outfit on Monday.


Tuesday was an exciting day for me. I had a package in the delivery room of my complex containing a pair of Dior Homme jeans. 

I couldn’t help myself from immediately throwing them on, pairing them with a vintage graphic tee and my old, beat-up pair of Converse, creating a look that exudes my ebullient energy.

Photo by Jack Sampson | The Miami Student
Sampson models his clothes for Tuesday.

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After finally unpacking all of my belongings and going grocery shopping for the previous two days, I had a more mellow Wednesday, which for me meant less color and more comfort. 

The cargos I bought second-hand are my go-to pants when I don’t feel like wearing stiff denim, and I felt that a monochrome black outfit would help calm the anxiety I had building up about the impending start of the school year. I finished the outfit with a graphic tee from the brand Undercover and some boots.

Photo by Jack Sampson | The Miami Student
Sampson stands in dark attire on Wednesday.


I had plans to meet up with a friend Uptown on Thursday, so I wore something that would be comfortable to walk around in without overheating. 

I opted for a baggier look because of this, which these G-Star RAW pants are ideal for. The boots from the prior day made another appearance with a fun tee I got off of Mercari.

Photo by Jack Sampson | The Miami Student
Sampson shows off his pick of clothes for Thursday.


My mother came to visit me Friday morning, so I put together an easy, casual outfit that was apt for meandering around. My shirt is merchandise from an artist I enjoy and I picked up the jeans at a thrift store in Spain.  

Photo by Jack Sampson | The Miami Student
Sampson finishes his week off on Friday with this outfit.

I started getting into fashion as a means of grabbing attention. I was bored of who I was, and really admired the way that people on TikTok and Instagram dressed, so I sought to emulate what they wore.

Little did I know that I would be falling down a deep rabbit hole that broadened my understanding of who I am, or rather want to be. My style has drastically shifted in many different directions from when I started this journey, but then again, so has the course of my life.