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AI in the syllabi: How Miami professors are addressing artificial intelligence


As Miami University students head back into the classroom this fall, some have noted one significant change from years past: the mention of artificial intelligence (AI) within guideline and policy sections.

Some professors are warning against the use of programs such as ChatGPT, which offers AI-generated answers when posed questions. Others encourage the use of programs like Grammarly, which uses AI to proofread and edit essays.

Paul Hunter, a professor in the Emerging Technology of Business and Design (ETBD) department, sees AI as a resource for students and professionals alike.

“In my opinion, I would actually prefer that the students use it,” Hunter said. “The reason for that is that businesses are using it … you can’t be naive.”

Sloane Faller, a junior marketing and entrepreneurship major, will not be one of those students.

“AI is a very interesting situation. I don’t plan on using it,” Faller said. “I think that it will make plagiarism and academic dishonesty policies really difficult.”

Hunter noted that there is software available to help combat some of the major issues surrounding AI.

“I have not seen it at Miami, but a good friend teaches at Xavier University, and he uses that software,” Hunter said. “He also said that he will allow it as long as it is cited as a source.” 

While some believe AI to be a new situation plaguing universities, it has been around for a while.

“It’s nothing new,” Hunter said. “It’s been around since the 1950s. It’s just become more mainstream in the last two to five years.”

The university has published a page with guidance to allow individual instructors to make an informed decision on individual class policy. The page advises faculty to familiarize themselves with AI tools and be intentional when designing assignments to either incorporate AI or prevent it from being used effectively.

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