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It’s a Barbie world

<p>A crowd of moviegoers wait around in their pink outfits after seeing &quot;Barbie&quot;.</p>

A crowd of moviegoers wait around in their pink outfits after seeing "Barbie".

With the premiere of director Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” movie on July 21, it’s almost like the entire world jumped into Barbie’s iconic pink land.

The “Malibu Barbie DreamHouse” suddenly appeared in Malibu, California, for Airbnb; OPI released a collection of nostalgic Barbie pinks and Ken blues; popular clothing stores such as Forever 21, Pacsun, GAP and Bloomingdales dropped products; and luggage company Beis, rug company Ruggable and Xbox released collaborations with the world’s most buzzed-about doll. 

Everybody is thinking pink.

The actress who plays Barbie, Margot Robbie, has immersed herself in the iconic world by transforming into the doll during press tours, photoshoots and premieres. 

At the Seoul premiere, Robbie turned herself into the ‘Day to Night’ Barbie with two looks. The day one resembled a businesswoman in pink, complete with a matching pencil skirt-blazer set, silk scarf and hat. The night look contrasted the day with a sparkly tulle dress. 

For more of a throwback look, Robbie channeled the 1960s classic ‘Solo in the Spotlight’ Barbie with a sparkly black mermaid dress and Jessica Rabbit-esque gloves, courtesy of Schiaparelli Haute Couture. Robbie even carried the same pink tulle kerchief as the doll.

Attendees of the world premiere donned pink and some of Barbie’s other looks. Actress and down syndrome activist Sofia Sanchez brought Barbie’s first ever doll with down syndrome to life. She wore a custom blue and yellow floral dress to replicate the one worn by Barbie.

Duolingo’s owl showed up to the premiere wearing Margot Robbie’s notable pink jumpsuit and cowboy hat getup. Flo and Jamie from Progressive arrived in their usual aprons, except they were pink this time.

Seriously, everyone is bananas for Barbie. And it isn’t just Hollywood’s finest who are jumping on this train — dressing like Barbie has taken the average audience by storm.

Photo by Evan Stefanik | The Miami Student

A few "Barbie" moviegoers stand outside the theatre.

For the opening night of the movie, fans decked themselves head-to-toe in bright pink and even recreated their favorite dolls’ costumes.

TikTok user @hayleyrawle posted a video of her and her friends donning baby pink gingham dresses, ruffles and bows galore. These seemingly small touches are huge pieces of the “Barbiecore” aesthetic. Newer additions to the aesthetic include cowboy boots, eccentric headbands and matching pink sets.

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For outfit inspiration, TikTok user @robynpridmore posted a video recommending people wear form fitting dresses, funky patterns and accessorize colorfully. But despite what Pridmore suggests, as long as you’re wearing something pink, you should fit right in.

Rivaling “Barbie” on its release date was Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer.”  To join forces in the meme culture surrounding the two movies, film buffs from around the world booked tickets for a double-feature on opening weekend.

Oppenheimer” is a complete 180 degrees from “Barbie,” as it’s a historical film about J. Robert Oppenheimer, the director of the Manhattan Project and father of the atomic bomb.

TikTok user posted a video demonstrating her contrasting aesthetics between a girly pink tulle skirt/pink blazer combo for “Barbie” and a sleek, black strapless jumpsuit with matching black accessories for “Oppenheimer.” 

Although leather getups are not historically accurate for the film set in the 1940s, the looks people have been turning to are based more on the vibe of the film. For a movie about the start of a major historical controversy, the dark and mysterious looks are perfect.

Despite the two very conflicting aesthetics, viewers across the world didn’t hesitate to show off their creativity when it came to dressing for the films.

“Barbie” created the pinkest wave of movie-goers possible in cinema history. 

Photo by Evan Stefanik | The Miami Student

"Barbie" moviegoers exit the theatre in their pink outfits.