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One Chapter Ends, And A Whole New Story Begins

by: Morgan Schneider

I want to begin by thanking all the readers and writers who have supported us this year.

When I took on the role of editor-in-chief last fall, I had no idea how much time, effort, and love this publication would ask of me. Through it all, you guys have been the ones reading our work, showing up to see us at events, and amplifying our stories around campus. We really, genuinely, could not have done it without you.

I’m sad to be leaving GreenHawks—I have so many, many more ideas for this website, and I wish I could implement them—but I am immensely excited for Sam’s tenure as editor-in-chief. As you all know, our publication is being integrated into The Miami Student as a section titled GreenHawks @ TMS. This is a win-win for both outlets: GreenHawks will have a home on campus and access to more resources and talent, and the Miami Student will be able to expand its coverage to reflect more student experiences.

I chose Sam for this role because he combines the best of both worlds needed: strong storytelling and editing skills with a passion for science and the natural world. He had prior experience with The Miami Student, and when I read his columns, I knew he was someone who’d understand the unique set of skills needed to oversee GreenHawks. Sam, I know you will take this outlet to places and spaces it’s never been before, and I don’t think this campus is ready for how awesome you’re going to make it!

To Annie-Laurie Blair, professor and faculty advisor, and most of all friend, since the very beginning: thank you for believing in me and encouraging me, and for helping to create this space in the Miami media ecosystem. Miami’s location, practices, and community make it uniquely environmental among Ohio colleges, and I’m so glad there’s a publication dedicated to this aspect of life here. You will be sorely missed, but you are going to do so many amazing things!! Please come back and visit us.

To Sean Scott, Luke Macy, and Fred Reeder: thank you for seeing my vision when I first proposed integrating GreenHawks with The Miami Student. I am so, so grateful that this publication will continue to have a home on campus, and so glad Sam will have friends and fellow writers to help him on his journey. I am so excited for the stories you’re going to tell, and I think all of you will transform GreenHawks in cooler ways than you thought possible. It’s going to be a hell of a ride, but you’re going to have a blast.

I have no idea what GreenHawks is going to look like come the fall semester, and I wish I could be around to see it. But one thing’s certain: it will be bigger, better, and greater than I think any of us could imagine right now. If you’re on the fence about writing for us, take that leap of faith—and reach out to Sam at, or to GreenHawks in general at

Remember to stop and smell the flowers, remember to cross the t’s and dot the i’s, but most of all remember: have fun!!!

Morgan Schneider

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