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We have not done justice. Today, we take steps to change that.

The following reflects the majority opinion of the editorial board. 

We haven’t done our job to the best of our ability. That changes now.

Miami University has a reputation for being undiverse. With some of the weakest diversity statistics among public colleges in Ohio, our student body is wholly unrepresentative of both the state’s and the nation’s populations at large.

The Miami Student editorial board believes we need to change our coverage for the better when it comes to diversity on campus and in Oxford.

Historically, our stories on diverse topics have not been done with enough care. Seeking out too few or underqualified sources and, on some occasions, tokenizing people with diverse backgrounds and identities has left this news organization with a less-than-acceptable track record on these topics.

We have made mistakes. 

However, that does not mean the future of this organization must follow the path upon which we have set it. Today, we are setting a precedent for better, regular and more accurate coverage of diversity and inclusion.

While Miami is comparably and statistically less diverse than other Ohio schools, that does not mean this campus is devoid of diverse voices. All students, faculty, staff and community members come from different backgrounds and have different identities. 

On this campus and beyond, jokes are regularly made about our status as a predominately white institution at the expense of Miami’s diversity. This minimizes the real diversity that exists in our community, and we’re committed to seeking out these stories. The more these jokes persist, the less Miami’s diverse voices can be heard.

We aim to support the diverse voices of RedHawks, not just in spite of the popular narrative but because of it.

We will seek out nuanced stories and not simply seek stories about problems with diversity on campus. We will seek stories that showcase the true breadth of voices unheard in our community. We will seek to hear voices previously unheard.

We want to provide coverage with empathy.

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The Student thrives with steady and strong relationships with the community because our entire staff and the editorial board are rooted in and care for this community.

The relationship between a news organization and the people it covers is hugely important. The Student can be an advocate for voices unheard, for people with backgrounds and identities not well known or understood. 

Despite prior difficulties in maintaining good relationships with all groups in our community, this is our goal.

Our newspaper is focused on solution-oriented journalism. This means we hope to see results based on the coverage we publish.

The heart of this type of coverage is seeking out diverse voices both from within The Student and outside of it. Our newsroom must ultimately reflect and respect the community about which we report. 

Whether it’s better awareness of the diversity we do have on campus, the DE&I efforts of the university or more specific ideas like the lack of wheelchair accessibility all over campus, The Student will continually aim to improve the lives of RedHawks.

We want our community to see what we at The Student envision today: better, more accurate and empathetic solution-based journalism.

We have not done justice. 

Starting now, the status quo will no longer be accepted.

Your voices will be heard.