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Spruce up your schedule next semester with these 10 classes

Students can take Children’s Literature to learn what makes a good kid's book and how to evaluate its quality.
Students can take Children’s Literature to learn what makes a good kid's book and how to evaluate its quality.

As students are meeting with advisors and looking at classes for the upcoming fall 2023 semester, The Miami Student has compiled a list of some of the most unique classes being offered.

If you find yourself with a break in your schedule, adding one of these courses can help push you out of your comfort zone or to learn something new. And the best part is, none of these courses require prerequisites.

1. FST 362 - Mafia and Cinema 

With the wide array of mafia films, it can be hard to depict which movies are historically accurate. This lecture-style course studies the depiction of mafia in cinema, where mafia misconceptions in film came from and how these movies became popular. 

2. ART 140 - Beginning Glass

This course will teach you everything you need to know about making glass, from kilnforming to casting. You will also get hands-on opportunities to apply these techniques to your own creations.

3. ATH 145 - Lost Cities/Ancient Civilizations 

This course provides an in-depth look at prehistoric peoples and their civilizations. ATH 145 is an interesting way to get your social science credit while learning about the past economies, religions and engineering of prehistoric cities.

4. SLM 195 - Stress Management 

Are you considering taking an elective that won’t pile unnecessary assignments onto your already busy schedule? Every college student could benefit from this class, which applies skills from sports psychology to teach students coping skills to manage stress in their everyday lives.

5. SLM 378 - Sports, Power, and Inequality 

Have you ever wondered how social justice issues are reflected in sports? This course analyzes how modern day social structures including race and gender play into sports. Students in this class will learn how sports and society coincide with each other.

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6. WGS 313 - Marriage across cultures

Looking for a course to spice up conversations at the family dinner table? Marriage across cultures explores the differences between Western marriages and non-Western marriages, as well as different types of relationships like polygamous and monogamous marriages.

7. ENG 262 - Children’s Literature 

You won't look at “Goodnight Moon” and “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” the same way after taking this class. Children’s Literature teaches students what makes a good kid’s book and how to judge their quality.

8. IES 231 - Italian Food Cultures in Context 

Hopefully this course takes place after lunch, because just looking at the name makes us hungry. This course studies the cultural, social and environmental impact of food movements and reinforces the lectures with service projects and community engagement.

9. APC 201 - Intro to Health Communication 

Want to learn how to speak like a doctor? APC 201 has you covered! This class analyzes communication of various health instances such as health communication campaigns, communication between doctors and patients and more.

10. CLS 121 - Classical Mythology 

For those who didn’t go through a Greek mythology phase in middle school, or those who want to relive their Percy Jackson days, this is the perfect class for you. This class gives an overview of Greek mythology, which is an interesting topic to study for any major.