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From old Hollywood to grunge, grunge to coquette – Lana Del Rey has done it all

From her debut album “Born To Die” in 2012, all the way to the release of her latest single “A&W” last month, Lana Del Rey has constantly changed her aesthetic to match the vibe of whatever music she releases.

“Born To Die” had a style widely known as “Americana,” with music videos portraying her as style icons like Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy, alongside collaborator A$AP Rocky as John F. Kennedy.

“Ultraviolence” (2014), Del Rey’s sophomore album, is grunge-inspired and touches on heavier subjects. The photoshoot for the album (shot by Neil Krug) shows Del Rey adorned in leather and jean-clad, which are staples of the ’80s/’90s grunge culture.

Del Rey does this with every album. She was beachy for “Honeymoon” (2015), boho during her “Lust For Life” (2017) era, stripped back for “Norman Fucking Rockwell!” (2019), ’50s housewife and pearl-clad for “Chemtrails Over The Country Club” (2021) and in a yellow sundress for her latest album, “Blue Banisters” (2021).

But throughout every era, Del Rey has had a few consistent staple pieces for her looks. 

These include white dresses, Priscilla Presley-esque eyeliner and, of course, soft, feminine florals. These are all things that have made Lana Del Rey the face of the “coquette” aesthetic, the hyper-feminine girly-girl style that’s taken the internet by storm.

Del Rey has especially embraced this aesthetic for the promo of “Did You Know That There’s A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd,”which is her newest album, set to release March 24.

On her website, pearl necklaces and the iconic brass lighter are sold, as well as exclusive album covers that show Del Rey with bows in her hair and wearing colorful sweaters, both of which are traditionally soft and feminine fashion pieces.

On Feb. 14 on her ultra-exclusive Instagram account, @honeymoon, Del Rey posted her recent photoshoot for Interview Magazine, where she is dressed in a white lace Dior dress, a veil and Swarovski jewelry styled by Mel Ottenberg

Del Rey is the queen of wedding dresses, as she’s donned the same aesthetic for her “Ultraviolence” music video as well as in a photoshoot for Flaunt Magazine in 2017. 

Ottenberg also has Del Rey in a flowy, puffy-sleeved gown, a white turtleneck and a black getup paired with a leather jacket for the photoshoot, which throws back to her “Ultraviolence” era.

Her makeup for the shoot is the definition of coquette – blue eyeshadow, her classic eyeliner and a nude, glossy lip. 

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People who identify with the coquette aesthetic on TikTok mimic Lana Del Rey’s eyeliner for their makeup looks, which is so distinct to her look. No other musicians this day and age resonate with old aesthetics as much as Lana Del Rey does, and her makeup is an obvious reflection of that.

It’s unclear whether more promotions and peeks at her new aesthetic will come out, especially as the album’s release date is creeping up. But the vibe for it is unmistakably Lana, and I’m so here for it.