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The Top 12 Grammys 2023 Looks – From Best, to Worst, to Everything In-Between

Cardi B looked breathtaking at the 65th annual Grammy Awards.
Cardi B looked breathtaking at the 65th annual Grammy Awards.

Sunday night, I watched the Grammys in full for the first time and found myself completely entranced by the performances, speeches and all-around glamor of the event. Despite an almost three-and-a-half hour runtime, I couldn't take my eyes away from the celebrity guests and their remarkable red carpet looks. Here are the top 12 that stood out most.


#1. Doja Cat

While I was expecting something over-the-top after her Paris Fashion Week ensemble, Doja still served us a taste of her unique style in this black, all-latex Versace gown. Her short hair, bold eyes and silver lips incorporate just the right amount of chic, darkness and allure into the look without it being too much. 

#2. Cardi B

Cardi B looked breathtaking in this royal blue Gaurav Gupta dress – my personal favorite of the night. The ruching adds a water-like flow to the fabric, making it almost impossible to look away. 10/10 – it's camp, architectural and stunning. 

#3. Steve Lacy

Along with his outfit during his electric performance of "Bad Habit," Steve Lacy brought style to the table in this angular Saint Laurent tuxedo. The diamond-tipped shoes, box braids and butterfly-frame sunglasses give the outfit a symmetrical illusion, where my favorite detail, an embellished silver broach, sits as the off-centerpiece. 

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#4. J-Lo

The hair, the rhinestones, the train of the dress – everything about this look is top-tier. Then again, it's J-Lo. Can we expect any less?


#1. Harry Styles

I love a good jumpsuit, but this was an immediate no. At least the nipples are (semi) covered? 

#2. Adele

The first shot I saw of her on the TV was only of her upper half, so I was intrigued by the fanned sleeves right away. However, once I saw the full dress, I was slightly taken aback. Not that she doesn't look lovely (she does), but the fabric texture and quarter-length sleeves didn't quite make the gown all that it could've been. Adele, sweetie, I'm so sorry. 

#3. Anderson Paak

It's giving Grandma's couch, but his energy makes up for it. The pearls and sunglasses were definitely a nice touch. 

#4. Viola Davis

After achieving EGOT status for her memoir, "Finding Me," Viola gave a heartfelt speech in this sequined Naeem Khan gown. Unfortunately, I wasn't sold on the short sleeves or black fringe in the front. Still, she looked amazing. 

Everything In-Between

#1. Taylor Swift

While the subtle reference to her song "Bejeweled" is worth noting, it felt like the look was missing something. The earrings are an absolute yes, though. 

#2. Lizzo

I have a love-hate relationship with this look. Doja Cat, Dani in Midsommar and Nicki Minaj all famously sported hooded cape dresses at other ceremonies, so my jaw didn't drop when I saw this one. With that said, I love the bright coral color and abundance of flowers. Plus, Lizzo glowed with goddess energy, making the garment all the more beautiful. 

#3. Olivia Rodrigo

I'm all for simple elegance, but that's it? Where's the flavor? Where's the black feather shawl this dress so desperately needs? 

#4. Beyoncé

Queen B may have had a late arrival due to traffic, but didn't disappoint the crowd with three complete outfit changes. While I wasn't sure how to feel about her first dress's neutral color scheme or its tinfoil-esque skirt, she still looked radiant and proved to us, yet again, that she can truly make anything look good.