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Being single on Valentine’s Day is actually the best gift

So you’re single on Valentine’s Day? It’s that time of year where all your favorite couples give each other extravagant gifts, flowers and chocolates. But what about people that aren’t in relationships? All of us single folks with nobody? Do we just get nothing this Valentine’s Day?

Now, I am an absolute expert in all things single, I mean I’ve lived the single life for 18 entire years. I’ve never gotten fancy chocolates, a nice dinner or even a card.

I used to think I was probably one of the loneliest people out there when Valentine’s Day rolled around. The operative words here being “used to” and “was.” 

Now, I’m as happy as can be every time the holiday rolls around — and you can be, too.

We don’t have to scowl and curse our relationship status every Feb. 14. Being single and independent is actually an amazing thing any time of the year. I would much rather be in no relationship than a relationship with the wrong person.

I’ve learned a lot about loving myself in the past few years. You have time to reflect and make the positive changes you want to see in yourself. Have you always wanted to learn how to crochet or play the piano? Spend time learning the basics and take advantage of not having plans this Feb. 14. 

Self-love has helped me to learn who I am. I’ve found strength and comfort in exploring my passions and interests. I’ve found that we’re all our own person, even when we’re in a relationship, and we don’t need someone else to validate that for us.

Being in a relationship shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all to our lives. We have other goals, whether it be specific, like climbing Mt. Everest, or a broader one — and we need to remember that these goals are a part of us and they matter just the same as any potential partner. They have the same level of importance as any partner that we may have, and we deserve time to ourselves to figure out our goals and make sure they’re accomplished. 

Our lives are so much more than a relationship.

Most importantly, we have to remember that we should always value our health and happiness in whatever we do or whoever we may be with. Being with someone just so we can say we have a boyfriend or girlfriend, even if they make us unhappy, isn’t healthy. 

Some people aren’t always in a relationship, and that’s okay, because we can find happiness on our own. This much I can attest to. 

There are absolutely no expectations for Valentine’s Day when you’re single. There’s no chance of missing dinner or getting the wrong flowers. You don’t have to worry about making any reservations or a date going wrong. There’s no expensive steaks, chocolates or other gifts. 

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You just have to worry about yourself and your own happiness. Take the day to focus on you.

So go out and buy yourself some half-off chocolates, flowers or other presents the next day. At least you’ll know they’ll be what you like. 

This is a great time to just enjoy a night in. Watch a new movie marathon or that TV series you’ve put off for months. It’s time to do things you want to do.

Enjoy being single while you still can. Just enjoy yourself. It really is the best gift.