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League of Geeks hosts its annual halloween event

League of Geeks, which is made up of 20 different student organizations, hosted its annual Halloween party Friday in Armstrong.
League of Geeks, which is made up of 20 different student organizations, hosted its annual Halloween party Friday in Armstrong.

Just outside Armstrong Student Center, students were spending their first night of Halloweekend gluing white cut-up paper to form the wings of a golden snitch inspired by the Harry Potter series.

Others spent their Friday night furiously tapping on their keyboards to move around the map of the survival game “Dead by Daylight” in the esports Lounge.

And still others sank into seats in Wilkes Theater to see a showing of “Mickey’s House of Villains.”

Most were in costume and all were there to enjoy the annual Halloween Party put on by League of Geeks, a collection of 20 student organizations focused on different pop culture aspects.

The inside pavilion was divided into multiple stations with one side dedicated to board games and the other to freeplays of video games. A virtual reality headset was set up for Beat Saber, and the Miami Game Design Club had a station for games created by students.

Kathryn Sullivan, a junior creative writing, professional writing and anthropology triple major, said her favorite activity at the event was playing games with her friends.

“I’m having a lot of fun playing board games,” Sullivan said. “I don’t get to do this that often.”

Sullivan said she came to the Halloween Party to enjoy the holiday.

“Anytime I get to celebrate Halloween is a good time,” Sullivan said.

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Students were encouraged to show off their costumes in the costume showcase held in the Shade Family Room. 

Kellen Loudin, a first-year games and simulation major, said he came to the event to dress up and spend time with friends. 

“I wanted to [come] just because I wanted to wear my costume,” Loudin said. “And then also I heard that there were gonna be a lot of games, and a lot of people that I know are going so I thought it would be fun.”

Van Johnson, a first-year games and simulation major and a friend of Loudin’s, said he also came to wear his wizard costume and play games.

“I thought it’d be fun,” Johnson said. “[And I get to] meet new people.”

Johnson said the activity he was most looking forward to was trivia.

“We all signed up for [it],” Johnson said. “[So] yeah I’m excited for that.”

Also on the itinerary was a Mario Kart tournament and a Super Smash Bros tournament. Other activities included a photobooth, a craft making monsters and Werewolf, a party game where players are assigned character cards and have to guess who the werewolves are before the other players are all hunted.

Jordan Mtui, a sophomore creative writing major, said he thinks the halloween party is a good event for students because it provides fun for people with similar interests.

“[It’s] an outlet to be geeky and dorky,” Mtui said, “And have fun in costumes.”