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‘Dirty Dodds’ gets a makeover

From "Dirty Dodds'" to "Delectable Dodds": Students living in Dodds Residence Hall this year are the first residents to live there following a big renovation.
From "Dirty Dodds'" to "Delectable Dodds": Students living in Dodds Residence Hall this year are the first residents to live there following a big renovation.

Miami University’s Dodds Residence Hall, known among students as “Dirty Dodds” for its bugs, leaks, mold and other issues, was renovated over the summer. Some have replaced the nickname to be “Delectable Dodds.”

Adam Collins, a Miami alum, lived in Dodds during the 2017-2018 school year. He described living in Dodds as the “biggest test Miami had to offer.”

“The state of Dodds Residence Hall during my short-lived occupancy was not the best,” Collins said. “I can say the outdated features of the residency humbled those who had the honor to live there. It built character and some pretty good relationships that lasted through my time at Miami, even post graduation.”

Robert Abowitz, associate director of Residence Life, said the renovation was 15 years in the making and had nothing to do with the “Dirty Dodds” nickname.

The building lacked a multitude of upgrades including air conditioning, heating, ventilating, sustainability and design compared to other renovated buildings, Abowitz said.

Dodds Hall underwent a huge transformation this year. Video by Lexi Whitehead and Sophia DeVillez.

Natalee Blackford, resident director for Dodds, said these previous issues have fortunately been dealt with. 

“I love the renovations Dodds has undergone,” Blackford said. “The building is beautiful, and I love the layout because it is so conducive to building community.” 

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The refurbished building has provided students with a greater opportunity to reach out to other residents with a new, first-floor common area — a contrast to the previous set up in the basement and several study rooms in each hall. Blackford said residents have been using the common area for watching movies, playing ping-pong and more.

While these new renovations are a great improvement, some students still have complaints, like Devin Beall, current resident and first-year finance major.

“[The renovations are] nice,” Beall said. “However, the water pressure and heat in the shower is not consistent. It’s actually very bad, and I feel like it shouldn’t be a problem considering we just renovated.” 

Many students have requested the showers be fixed, almost all of them lacking hot water and pressure.

Sarah Norton, another resident and first-year human capital management and leadership major also had a grievance.

“The dorm is pretty nice overall,” Norton said. “The only thing that bothers me is that the elevator has been out of order for a bit.”

The completion of the Dodds renovation leaves one residence hall still in renovation on campus. Ogden Hall on Academic Quad is currently being renovated, and Abowitz said he doesn’t know which halls may be next.