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Shawn Mendes finds his spirit animal in ‘Lyle Lyle Crocodile’

Pop star Shawn Mendes voices a singing crocodile in the film adaptation of "Lyle Lyle Crocodile"
Pop star Shawn Mendes voices a singing crocodile in the film adaptation of "Lyle Lyle Crocodile"

In 1965, children’s author Bernard Waber published his most popular book, “Lyle Lyle Crocodile.” Almost 60 years later, the story has been reimagined for the big screen in a new movie released earlier this month.

The movie follows an abandoned singing crocodile, Lyle, who helps the Primm family get settled in their first New York City apartment after they find him hiding in their attic. The family keeps Lyle hidden, and they bond with him through catchy musical numbers that showcase Lyle’s strange hidden talent.

Overall, the movie was a little discombobulated, but it was captivating and makes for a great family flick.

Lyle, voiced by Shawn Mendes, never has any spoken words, but he hits all the right notes and keeps you entertained with his spectacular original songs.

The role is perfect for Mendes, as there is no real acting required and his singing shines through the whole movie. His vocal performance does a lot of heavy lifting in keeping the movie lively during its musical moments.

The song “Take a Look at Us Now” is the perfect song to show the journey of Lyle throughout the movie. The song is sung across the entire movie by Hector and Lyle. It starts in the beginning of the movie when Hector discovers Lyle’s talent and it follows them as they train for the opening night of their show and through the rest of the movie. 

They sing about pulling yourself up when you’re down and finding the people who care the most about you. The song follows the message of the movie that anything is possible when you have those who support you by your side. 

Although the story is unoriginal, this movie is so endearing it doesn't matter. Lyle is discovered singing in a pet store by failing showman Hector Valenti, played by Javier Bardem. Lyle is then taken home and trained to be a star. 

Unfortunately, Lyle has stage fright; he freezes in the first show and is abandoned by Hector until he can make more money to return to the stage and show the world Lyle’s talent.

Meanwhile, the Primm family moves into their apartment, and the son, Josh, is having trouble adjusting to his new city life and his new school. Lyle helps him find his voice as they wander the city’s rooftops at night. The whole family soon discovers Lyle, and he helps them come out of their shells and become closer as a family.

Each member of the Primm family brings their own struggles and desires to the table, but with the help of Lyle, there is no problem they can’t get through.

The film sheds new light on an old story and reimagines “Lyle Lyle Crocodile” with a modern twist. It features sweet sentimental moments that will keep you invested in the characters and creates enough conflict to keep you coming back for more.

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The witty and exciting story makes you wonder what will happen next, and the film’s soundtrack is sure to have you singing and dancing for weeks to come.

If you’ve got a love for cute heartwarming stories that will leave you feeling hopeful and happy, then “Lyle Lyle Crocodile” is the way to go.

Rating: 7/10