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What Miami is wearing: fall edition

<p>Meredith Perkins</p>

Meredith Perkins

As the temperatures dip slightly on Miami University’s campus, students are showing their excitement for fall weather with their attire. 

For many, style is a manner of expression that can be stifled by extreme heat, sacrificing an interesting sweater for the comfort of running shorts and a t-shirt. But last week, flannels, jeans, layering and earth-tones came back into regular wear as students moved away from common summer outfits. 

As students, it can be hard to wear interesting outfits when working up a sweat on your trek from the Farmer School of Business to McGuffey Hall in the bright sun. When the weather gets colder, outfits grow in depth from added layering, interesting silhouettes and bold colors that aren't often seen in the extreme heat of southern Ohio. 

Style doesn’t just sit in the clothing and accessories that one wears, it also involves hair and makeup that go into an outfit. Also influenced by decreasing temperatures, hopefully we will be seeing some more out-of-the-box makeup and hair looks for this fall. From going between classes, to grabbing a bite to eat at Armstrong, here’s what Miami is wearing as the weather begins to turn. 

Photo by Abby Showalter | The Miami Student
Dieu Minh Mai

Photo by Abby Showalter | The Miami Student

Jack Sampson

Photo by Abby Showalter | The Miami Student

Meredith Perkins

Photo by Abby Showalter | The Miami Student

Riley Reynolds

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