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Letter from the Editor: Things are looking a little different around here

Late last semester, we, the staff of The Miami Student, identified some weaknesses.

We were faceless. And we weren’t as engaging or user-friendly as we could’ve been.

So we made a New Year’s resolution to be better for you, our audience.

During the last month, our staff has been planning a few changes, and those are being rolled out this week. The biggest adjustment: Our “News” and “Culture” sections no longer exist.

Those were merged into one new entity, “Campus & Community.” You’ll see that label used in print and on The Miami Student website. 

The story types won’t change. You’ll still be able to read great work like our Oxford City Council briefs and Humans of Oxford features, but you can easily find those in the new section rather than sifting through a maze to get to them. Campus & Community is a one-stop shop, which is partly why we made the switch. Barriers between the old sections were unnecessary. 

It’s all newsworthy!

We’re also launching a bunch of new features on social media. You deserve to know who is providing your news, so now you will. We’ll feature different staff members on our social media accounts each week. You’ll see us in Instagram stories or Twitter fleets, and even in a new week-in-review video.

We’ll also vary the types of posts we make, from story infographics to recruiting advertisements. (Join our staff!)

Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and subscribe to our improved email newsletter on our website. I hope you enjoy these changes as much as I do.

We’re excited to make 2021 our best year yet.

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