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Four individuals hospitalized after fight at Theta Chi Fraternity house

<p>Recently elected city councilperson Amber Franklin has led the charge to add a social worker to OPD.</p>

Recently elected city councilperson Amber Franklin has led the charge to add a social worker to OPD.

On Saturday Oct. 3, four individuals were taken to McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital for injuries sustained during a fight that occurred at 310 Bishop St., the Theta Chi Fraternity house, according to a police report.

Officer Paul Hellwarth of the Oxford Police Department (OPD) was dispatched at 11:23 p.m. to the Theta Chi Fraternity house.

Hellwarth’s incident report lists two charges — aggravated burglary to inflict harm and felonious assault to cause physical harm — but does not mention any arrests. According to an Oct. 6 email from Miami University Vice President of Student Affairs Jayne Brownell to the student body, no arrests were made.

OPD Lieutenant Lara Fening posted about the incident on OPD’s Facebook page

“Cases like this involving so many people take time to investigate and we will give an update as soon as we have information,” Fening wrote.

Fening also stated that she is unable to comment until there is new information in the case.

In her email, Brownell called the reported violence “appalling” and “senseless.”

According to the email, “a group of students approached the Theta Chi fraternity house and assaulted multiple residents of the house.” 

“Violence has no place in our community,” Brownell wrote. “Miami is cooperating fully in this investigation and will continue to assist the OPD.”

According to the email, Miami will also conduct its own investigation once OPD’s investigation is complete.

Miami’s dean of students, Kimberly Moore, was unavailable for immediate comment.

OPD encourages those who have information on the case to call Detective Ledermeier at (513) 524-5257. Miami University also encourages those with information on the case to contact the Office of Community Standards at (513) 529-1417 or at

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