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The Zoom-bomb incident: let’s talk about it.

The following reflects the majority opinion of the editorial board.

We would like to address the recent zoom-bombing that took place during PSE’s presentation at the “Meet the B-Frats” event this past Thursday. 

A lot of people were involved in what happened, whether it be those at the event, those dealing with the aftermath, those who instigated what happened or those who are shocked and appalled by the blatantly offensive and hateful actions taken by the hacker.

We’d like to address each of you directly.

To the Zoom-Bomber:

First of all, you have no idea how dumb you look. What you did was not only wrong in any frame of narrative, but it also came across as a pathetic attempt to get attention and reaction. You are no better than a toddler throwing a temper tantrum. Especially with so many people across the country standing up to and against people just like you – of course you hide who you are in pitiful fashion.

But our community sees you for what you are: an ignorant, cowardly little kid hiding behind the anonymity of a screen. We will rise above the hate you spew, and you and your behavior are not tolerated nor accepted in our community. Good luck with the FBI.

To the first- and second-year students who attended the event:

We’re guessing the reason you were attending this event at all was to find a place for yourself in this community, and we want you to know that you shouldn’t feel discouraged by what happened. 

Despite a hateful person coming into a place you were hoping to find acceptance, most of us at Miami believe that everyone belongs here — no matter a person’s background. So, don’t stop looking for a space where you feel safe and welcomed, because there are plenty of them to go around. And know that our condemnation of what happened reflects more on our values than the one person who went against them. 

To President Crawford and the Miami University administration:

We all know we’ve had racist incidents occur before at Miami, in our recent past and beyond. But this has been one of the first times that we’ve felt confident in your response. 

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We’re glad you’re being receptive to our feedback as a student body,  calling out the hate speech that occurred for exactly what it was, which showed us you’ve made a shift and are on the right path. Keep up that same energy if a situation like this occurs again, and follow through with the consequences you named in the email. We all want to see the hacker held accountable.

We don’t know yet exactly how this incident happened, but other, less harmful Zoom hacks and pranks have resulted from people sharing meeting access details, so —

To any students who share Zoom links and passcodes:

Grow up. Yes, this is a chaotic and stressful time for all of us, but Zoom is our classroom now. 

You’ve seen the harm it can cause — way beyond a little prank. So, if you can’t take it seriously, at least have the respect and awareness to acknowledge that other students who are paying for class actually care more about what the professor has to say than some random kid coming on and playing a prank. 

You’re wasting time and money for yourself and those around you. The other students who want to learn will do just that, while you sit there laughing yourself into a failing grade. Do better. 

To the everyday Miami student:

We don’t need to add any more challenges onto this year than we’re already facing. So, if you know somebody is sharing access to Zoom classes, call them out, get them in trouble or figure out a way to stop them. We can’t change what happened. But we can move on and move forward. 

Let’s not ruin one of the last resources we’ve still got going for us. 

We’re better than this.