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TMS Editor Picks: August 2020

During quarantine, our sophomore and junior editors started to contribute to a monthly playlist where we would all put our five favorite songs for the month in a playlist. Below, all of the contributors posted their favorite song and a little explanation on why they chose it. 

“Gold” — JoJo

Not only is JoJo’s fourth studio album “good to know” one of the most underrated albums of this year, she is one of the best vocalists in the pop world today. In this slinky R&B track, the singer-songwriter shows that she is a grown woman now and not the little girl who sang “Leave (Get Out)” at age 13. The interwoven harmonies and minimal production showcase her staggering vocal range as she describes a love that keeps her satisfied and on cloud nine.

  • David Kwiatkowski, Culture & Entertainment Editor

“All For Us” — Labrinth & Zendaya

I’ve been in love with HBO’s glittery, drug-induced teenage romp known as “Euphoria” since I first watched it last year. But when videos inspired by the show went viral on TikTok this summer, I decided to revisit “Euphoria”’s original soundtrack, which was composed by Labrinth. “All For Us” is the final song of the soundtrack, and it brings the show’s first chapter to a beautiful end. Zendaya’s melodic voice is often overshadowed by her epic acting abilities, but this song is a reminder that Miss Coleman is far from a one-trick pony. 

  • Tim Carlin, News Editor

“Superstar”— Usher

Early 2000s R&B is and always will be it. This song makes me feel like the main character in a movie. It’s upbeat and just makes me feel good. Although Usher cheating on his baby mama during this time was problematic, this song is a banger, and the album changed the landscape for R&B. 

  • Briah Lumpkins, News Editor

“The Way I Are” — Timbaland (feat. Keri Hilson & D.O.E.)

Not only does this song make me feel nostalgic for 2007, but it also makes me wish for a time that I never got to experience. I only wish I was in my mid-twenties when this song was popular, listening to this song in a trendy nightclub with closest friends, low rise jeans and all. TikTok reminded me of how good this song truly is.  If it wasn’t for that app, I would’ve never remembered this amazing bop, and I never would’ve been reminded that I don’t need money to be the perfect soulmate. 

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  • Sam Cioffi, Managing Editor of The Miami Student Magazine

“Lovestory” — SEBii

Twenty-one year old producer/vocalist SEBii is one face in the seemingly endless sea of talented young artists currently pushing the boundaries of pop music on SoundCloud. This song, a dreamy, trap-inspired interpretation of the 2008 Taylor Swift classic of the same name, is a strange futuristic nostalgia trip for Gen Z’ers. You already know the words, but the sound is entirely new. 

  • Owen Berg, Design & Style Editor

“When I R.I.P.” — Labrinth

As I suffered through the monotony of quarantine, I found myself watching “Euphoria” for the third time. I found comfort in the artistry of the show but even more so in the funky grooves Labrinth provided for the soundtrack. “When I R.I.P.” provides an escape into the vibrant world of “Euphoria” that spices up my comparably average life in Alabama. 

  • Sarah Grace Hays, Multimedia Editor

“1950” — King Princess

A believer in true love, I often find myself longing to find “the one.” “1950” embodies that seemingly distant dream, with dashes of disrupting the status quo, mixed with King Princess’s soothing voice and status as an indie-pop, LGBTQ+ icon, I listen to this on those days where all I do is crave a modern romance set in a simpler time. 

  • Maggie Peña, Multimedia Editor

“Soberland” — Hinds.

This song was definitely in my top five for the summer. There’s just something about a Spanish indie rock band made up of all chicks that will make you hit the replay button over and over again. This track has a soft, feminine melody while keeping a rough-edge with the raw vocals. It’s definitely got a unique sound, but it’s a good shake-up from a lot of the stuff you normally hear from a girl band. 

  • Rebecca Wolff,  Opinion Editor

“My Future” — Billie Eilish

I’m a firm believer in having to love yourself before you can love someone else. That’s something my girl Billie and I have in common. “My Future” reminds us that there’s always room to grow, even if that means outgrowing something else. Strong women for the win.  

  • Jenna Calderón, Asst. Culture Editor

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