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Summer Travels Photo Series

By: Annie Lalonde

This summer, I used nature as my escape from quarantine. The pictures below are vastly different in edits and places, but each was taken in a moment of gratitude and awe. While interning in Washington D.C., I was granted the opportunity to travel along the East Coast. This was full of beaches, national parks and boat trips. I was amazed how many hidden treasures I could escape to while still being cautious and safe during the pandemic. Even though I couldn’t spend my time with all the people I wanted to, I used my nature adventures as a route to keeping summer feeling normal. In addition to the East Coast, I had the opportunity to visit my family’s lakehouse in Glen Arbor, Michigan. Glen Arbor has plenty of nature trails, dunes, ideal sunset views and stargazing points. 

Washington D.C.

Grover Park (1), Potomac River (2 & 3)


Shenandoah National Park (1, 2 & 3)

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Rehoboth Beach


Traverse City (1), Black Star Farms (2), Glen Arbor (3 & 4)

All photos courtesy of Annie Lalonde