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Firing up a new pledge class in Kappa Delta

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After two-straight weekends of waking up at 6 a.m. to get ready for a day filled with small talk, Haley Faber couldn’t be more excited to celebrate the end of recruitment with her sorority’s new pledge class. 

Faber joined the Kappa Delta sorority last year as a sophomore. 

“I was mostly excited, but a little nervous for bid day,” Faber said. “I’ve never experienced bid day from the other side and didn’t really know what to expect.” 

After testing out many different ways to tie a black bandana around her head and deciding on the right shoes to wear with leather pants, her sorority sisters picked her up to go to Millet. 

The Kappa Delta section was a sea of black t-shirts and red bandanas. Their theme was fire, or “hot new recruits.”  Many girls wore red jackets and some wore firefighter hats or red wigs.

“I was wearing leather pants and heeled booties, and right next to me was my friend, Olivia, wearing a dalmation onesie,” Faber said. “She was our mascot for the day.” 

Faber was excited to see her friends from other chapters at Millet. 

“Being with all of the other chapters at Millet was so much fun, because everyone was so excited for their new members and for each other,” Faber said. 

When it came time for the active members to welcome home the new pledge class, Faber was ecstatic to pick up one of her favorite girls that she had talked to. 

In keeping with the fiery theme, she was thrilled to see recruitment light a fire under the new members.

“It was kind of surreal, seeing all of the girls that we recruited run home to us,” Faber said. “Because that was me just last year.” 

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