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Semester Abroad in Luxembourg: Exploring the Black Forest

By: Annie Lalonde

This semester, I am studying abroad at the Miami University Dolibois European Center (MUDEC) in Luxembourg. Many Miami students take advantage of this program where they can travel almost every weekend while still engaging with students from their own university. It is a great way to challenge yourself in a new environment while providing you with the option to see what Europe has to offer due to its central location bordering France, Germany and Belgium. I recently traveled to the Black Forest in Triberg, Germany with myWomen, Gender, and the Environment class, one of the most engaging classes I am taking here in Europe. I saw this trip as an opportunity to share a well-known natural beauty with the GreenHawks I dearly miss back home! If you have ever heard the nighttime stories of Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin, or Little Red Riding Hood, then you can thank the Black Forest. It was in this region that the Grimm brothers gathered their tales for the infamous Grimms’ Fairy Tales. Today, its natural state still holds that sense of magic,  and I tried to capture some of these moments below. The 28 million overnight visitors per year come for this small town’s hidden beauties- even Hemingway himself sought inspiration here! The Forest is known today for its clockmaking, original Black Forest cake, picturesque trails and magnificent waterfall. This visit was well-worth the trip to Germany from Luxembourg- enjoy the photos!    image9   image4   image3   image10   image9   image5   image8   image7

All photos courtesy of Annie Lalonde