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Hi, my name is Nina. Now, tell me about your closet.

My favorite piece of clothing from my closet is a 50s-style yellow dress with a full-skirt and a tight bodice. I’ve worn it on exactly two occasions. Once to my high school baccalaureate mass and the other to my sister’s 8th-grade graduation brunch. At that brunch, the zipper broke as soon as I exited the car. And, I am not going to lie, I had a bit of a fit. After all, this was my favorite dress.

Within the week, my mom had the dress taken to the dry cleaners and was able to get the zipper fixed. I felt like an epic drama queen.

That same dress is still hanging in my closet at home, even though I am pretty sure I can’t breathe in it anymore. I hold onto it because it reminds me of a certain time in my life when I felt happy and ready to begin a new chapter of my life. I said goodbye to all my best friends from high school in that dress. 

And I think everyone can relate to that sense of nostalgia. Everyone has that one dress in their closet. 

Our personal styles mean so much to every one of us, even if we don’t always sport it in the most trendy or lavish ways. Our style is the product of our ever-changing environments.

As The Student’s new Style Editor, I hope to give our audience some insight about how Miami has shaped the way we dress and personify ourselves — for better or worse — because my style has been affected by it firsthand. 

My friends at home would describe me as preppy. But, at school I am a culprit of the fast-growing luxury athleisure trend and am constantly trying to keep with the “Uptown looks” on the weekends.  Either way, I am happy I moved away from my middle school Limited-Too gauchos and Abercrombie graphic-tees. 

This move has been for the good of everyone, I assure you.

While Urban Dictionary defines “style” as either “what people think is ‘cool’” or in its plural form, the last name of the “one and only Harold Edward Styles,” I would much rather leave that definition up to you: how you choose to express yourself because of, or in spite of, the environment around you, is not the same as mine.  

So, now this is where I call on you to tell me about your style. It can be anything — from your obsession with a new fashion trend, your disdain for another or your personal experience. I want to know what style means to the Miami community. Because while many college ranking and review sites would still like to define us as “J. Crew U,” I  have met just as many people who don’t subscribe to that stereotype as the ones who do.

Writing a piece for the Style section doesn’t mean you need to be a trendy queen or king. 

In fact, you may be in desperate need of a Queer Eye makeover. 

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But everyone’s closet has a story, and I can’t wait to tour yours.