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Proposed reporting arrests policy sent back to University Senate

Faculty members unanimously voted to send the controversial proposed reporting arrests policy back to University Senate for further discussion at the Sept. 10 faculty assembly.

"It just seems like it's another long line of things that makes Miami feel more hostile," said Mary Henry, associate professor of geography. "It seems just unnecessary." In her 17 years at Miami, this was her first faculty assembly.

Professors from Oxford and regional campuses packed the 300-seat Shriver Center admissions auditorium to voice their opinions on the proposed policy that would require them to "report any formal police report, arrest, charge or indictment for alleged criminal conduct ... to the Office of General Counsel, within three working days."

Provost Jason Osborne stressed the importance of co-workers holding each other accountable during the assembly, referencing the Larry Nassar and Richard Strauss campuses.

"There is nothing new here except for the expectation of reporting," he said.

When the floor opened for discussion, many faculty members voiced their negative opinions about the proposed policy.

Gaile Pohlhaus, a University Senate member and associate professor of philosophy, said she thanked the audience and AAUP for bringing the policy details to their attention. She referenced "crisis fatigue" as to why the policy was not debated over more.

"Expecting a [sexual assault survivor] to report within three days, or to report at all, is a lot to ask," said Deborah Lyons, associate professor of classics.

After more discussion, Crawford introduced the vote.

At least 25 percent of all Miami's continued faculty members had to be present at the assembly, and of that 25 percent, 60 percent had to vote yes in order for the proposed policy to be sent back to University Senate.

When Crawford asked who was in favor, many faculty members voted "aye."

When he asked who was against, the room remained silent.

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