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In Memoriam: My friend, Will

William Albert Caver was born with an ability to make anyone laugh.

No matter how bad his or your day was, he would always keep a smile that was contagious. Back home in Nashville, Tennessee, Will was known for all his antics, most of which came at the risk of his own safety.

Will loved Miami. He had been planning on attending since he was in middle school. He applied early decision and put the day that the results came back on every calendar he had. When he was accepted into his dream school, we were all excited for him, and his enthusiasm was contagious.

Unfortunately, Will never got his first day on campus. About 20 days before his dream came true, Will died tragically. People who had only met him once attended his funeral, as he had that kind of effect on people. Will was an amazing soul with a wonderful gift, and he would have made his mark at Miami.

In order to get a laugh out of our grade before a football game, Will repeatedly jumped from a lifted truck onto a cheap wooden fold out table. The takes were hilarious, and video after video was created of Will coming down with full force, unable to break the table.

Almost every day in high school, there would be a new story with Will doing something ridiculous. His other acts included attempting to eat bananas in one bite, wrestling his friends in the middle of study hall and spontaneously wearing tuxedos and other crazy clothes with his friends.

As I say all of this about Will, you would probably assume he was not very bright, but Will was constantly surprising his friends with his intelligence. One of his closest friends, William Petroni, once said that Will spent a week to memorize a map of the entire earth in his spare time. He was not told by anyone to do it, he just wanted to know more about the world.

Will also did well in his AP courses and had the same effect on his teachers as he did on us. Will got along with every single person on our high school's campus, whether they were young or old, popular or an outcast.

When Will passed, the reaction was the same: why him? Why Will Caver? As someone who was beloved by our entire high school, he was the last person we wanted to see go, but instead he was the first. Words can not express how excited Will was to be attending Miami.

Please savor your time here.

Enjoy every second of your time in Oxford because there are some people who never even got to campus and never got the opportunity you have.

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