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Miami Credit Union breaks ground on new building for 50th anniversary

The Miami University and Community Credit Union (MUCCU) held a groundbreaking ceremony on Thursday, April 18 for their new office located between 1 and 21 Lynn Street.

The new office will replace one of their current offices on Wells Mill Drive, which is one of four total offices. The opening of the new location marks MUCCU's 50th anniversary.

A credit union is a business that provides loans to people for things like houses, vehicles and other personal matters as well as offers credit and debit cards. The difference between a credit union and a traditional bank is that a credit union is a non-profit organization, while banks are traditionally for-profit.

Former university President Philip Shriver opened the very first account at MUCCU in 1969, ingraining the credit union into the university.

The groundbreaking ceremony was held at the LaRosa's on Lynn Street and at the adjacent lot. A meeting and discussion of the project was held in the banquet room of the restaurant. There was a presentation discussing the history of MUCCU and the plans for the new building.

"We hope that this new building will allow us to further our community outreach and engagement with not only Miami students and faculty, but the Oxford community as a whole," MUCCU president and CEO Rick Parker said at the ceremony.