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ASG supports health center student parking, approves constitutional amendment

After a struggle over a bill with no author to present it, Associated Student Government (ASG) unanimously voted to support free student parking near the Student Health Service (SHS). Senate also approved the constitutional amendment removing student court-related language and voted to support the creation of an Oxford city ordinance that would impose a five to 25 cent fee on single-use plastic bags, a range recommended by Environmental Protection Agency.

The SHS parking resolution would make parking validation a part of the center's check-in process, so students are more aware that their free parking is available. The resolution also supports creating SHS-designated parking spots in the South Campus garage.

About an hour after the meeting began, Secretary for Off-Campus Affairs Charles Kennick, acting on behalf of the SHS parking resolution's author, Demetre Carnot, informed senate that Carnot was giving a presentation for one of his classes and would arrive in the chamber shortly.

Because senate had no other business to discuss in the meantime, one senator motioned to table the bill indefinitely rather than wait for Carnot, meaning that the bill would next be brought to senate April 30.

Carnot arrived about 15 minutes later, as senate was voting on whether to table the resolution.

Carnot then explained his resolution, and senate voted unanimously to approve it.

The proposed amendment to the ASG constitution removed Article III, which discussed student courts' ASG-related duties and established a "judicial council" to review appeals to the decisions made by the Funding and Audit and Elections committees.

ASG voted unanimously to approve the amendment. It will be put before the student body for approval April 30, coinciding with the elections for off-campus and academic senators.

The authors of the plastic bag fee resolution, senators Claire Keller and Demetre Carnot, plan to work with Kennick and the City Council to institute an opt-in, nominal plastic bag fee in grocery stores, on an opt-in basis for the stores in question, intended to encourage the use of reusable bags.

Senate approved the resolution unanimously.

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