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ASG elects new executive cabinet members

Associated Student Government (ASG) elected seven executive cabinet members during senate session April 16.

Academic senator Collin O'Sullivan ran against sophomore Frannie Hillyer for the Secretary of the Treasury position. O'Sullivan emphasized his desire for a better relationship between the Funding and Audit committee and senate. O'Sullivan was elected to the position.

On-campus senators Mariana Niekamp and Spencer Silbey both ran for Secretary for Advancement and Alumni Affairs. The main duties associated with the position are to "maintain relationships with students and work with the Alumni Association Board," according to the ASG bylaws.

Silbey said he would work to define the duties of the position in the bylaws and rewrite them so there would be less ambiguity.

Senate elected Silbey as Secretary of Advancement and Alumni Affairs.

Off-campus senator Edith Lui ran against academic senator Matej Turk in the Secretary for Academic Affairs election. Lui said she hoped to continue current Secretary Annika Fowler's work in making textbooks more affordable for students. Senate confirmed Lui for the position.

Academic senator Shelby Frye challenged the incumbent Secretary for On-Campus Affairs Effie Fraley. Fraley has held the position since the elections in early February, and won the spot again.

The races for Secretary of Finance, Secretary for Off-Campus Affairs and Secretary for Infrastructure and Sustainability were all unopposed.

Current Secretary of the Treasury William Hoffman ran and was elected to be Secretary of Finance. Hoffman said he would strive for better communication between the Funding and Audit committee and student organizations so that the organizations would have a better idea of what the funding requirements are each semester.

Claire Keller, currently an off-campus senator, ran for Secretary for Off-Campus Affairs. Keller said she wished to continue the relationship current Secretary Charles Kennick has fostered with the City of Oxford, particularly through the Student/ Community Relations Commission (SCRC). Senate confirmed Keller for the position.

Senate elected sophomore Antonio Vazquez Lim Secretary for Infrastructure and Sustainability. Lim has three years of experience with the international group Citizens' Climate Lobby and said he hopes to improve the accessibility of the Butler County Regional Transit Authority (BCRTA).

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