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Meissner and Perkins vie to become Student Body President

Two tickets will advance to the Student Body President run-off election: Gaby Meissner (SBP) and Hunter Meacham (VP) and Jaylen Perkins (SBP) and Dante Rossi (VP). This election had the highest student turnout in recent years since voting moved to the Hub in 2015.

Meissner and Meacham have emphasized the importance of mental health and sustainability. They are advocating for online scheduling for appointments with Student Counseling Services and a fund for students unable to afford counseling. They also would like to see one water bottle filler per building on campus as well as on-campus parking spaces for e-scooters. The ticket has been endorsed by College Republicans and Miami's Diversity Affairs Council.

"It's been a humbling past few weeks, getting to interact with students that I hadn't had the opportunity to in my time at Miami so far," Meissner said.

Jaylen Perkins and Dante Rossi stress the importance of diversity at Miami. Perkins, a member of the Black Action Movement (BAM) 2.0, hopes to implement diversity and inclusion training for incoming freshmen and market multicultural events to broaden students' minds.

"Now that we see people behind us, we really want to keep that momentum going," Perkins said. "We've gotten to talk to a lot of student leaders, and I'm very excited to see the potential we have to make change."

The ticket also plans to focus on the philanthropic elements of Greek life and encourage Greek organizations to work collectively on community involvement. They have been endorsed by College Democrats.

"Regardless of the outcome, the student body has two great options," Meissner said.

The final round of voting will be April 9 and 10 on the Hub.

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