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Scott Walter is the face of student affairs at Miami

During his own time in college, Scott Walter fell in love with the world of student affairs. Today, he's the assistant vice president of student affairs at Miami University, and his office oversees everything related to student life at Miami.

From the office of Community Engagement and Service, the Wilks Leadership Institute, Office of Diversity Affairs, Greek Life, Student Activities, Armstrong Student Center and Student Government on campus, Walter's office does it all.

Originally from Decatur, Illinois, Scott went to college at the University of Southern Mississippi. After changing his major about six times in five years, he graduated with a degree in kinesiology.

It was there, during his senior year of college, that Walter fell in love with the world of student affairs.

"I didn't even know that student affairs existed before," Walter said. "I didn't understand that it was a profession until my junior or senior year."

Scott was introduced to the world of student affairs during his job as a student worker for the dean of students at Southern Mississippi.

"After working there for a couple of years I asked him, 'How do I become you?'" Walter said.

He had originally planned on going to physical therapy school, but changed his mind to pursue a degree in higher education at the University of Arkansas.

"I just really think that the college environment is a great environment," he said. "It's challenging. It's never boring -- you never know what is going to happen when you walk into your office."

Walter's passion for university affairs and student life would take him to various universities across the South before arriving at Miami University.

"I went to college 30 years ago and never left."

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