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A message from the President

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. In recent years, our Miami University community has been part of a national conversation. Many are speaking out against power imbalances between men and women, as well as abusive behavior in a variety of settings. From #MeToo to #TimesUp, women and men alike are rallying against these abuses.

In some ways, society is catching up to an awakening that started on college campuses decades ago, when increased recognition of sexual assault led to expansion of Title IX and other programs. Sexual and interpersonal violence is far too common everywhere.

One incident of sexual and interpersonal violence is one too many. At Miami University and everywhere, we must always strive to do better. We stand together with survivors of sexual and interpersonal violence, and will continue to support their efforts to recover from the trauma and pain inflicted on them and those around them.

To the Miami Student, Associated Student Government and so many dedicated students, thank you for helping to keep these issues front and center. We need the help of all Miamians to reduce instances of sexual and interpersonal violence on our campus, in our town, and everywhere. We will work with you by fully investigating all reports and holding perpetrators accountable. As a university, we have hired a new leader for our student health and wellness services and are launching a new model called the Healthy Miami Collaborative - encompassing the Student Health Center, sexual and interpersonal violence, mental health and other wellness topics. We will continue to strengthen our efforts at both prevention and response.

Let's resolve together that we will not be uninvolved bystanders. If you see dangerous or inappropriate behavior, stand up to it, or call someone who can. It might just be a gut feeling that someone needs help, and you should trust those instincts. All of our initiatives combined cannot substitute for friends and fellow students who do the right thing. Please use all the resources we offer [] , including our partnership with Women Helping Women. Also, Miami's diversity website [] makes it easier to report incidents including bias, harassment, sexual assaults and hate crimes.

If an incident occurs, please report it. That is the way to get victims of the incident the help they need and to hold people accountable. Together, we can continue the progress we have made so far, and make our campuses safer and more secure.


Gregory P. Crawford, President

Cathy Bishop-Clark, Interim Dean, Miami University Regionals, College of Liberal Arts and Applied Science

Jayne Brownell, Vice President for Student Affairs

Phyllis Callahan, Executive Vice President and Provost

Jerome Conley, Dean and University Librarian

David Creamer, Senior Vice President, Finance and Business Services

Mike Curme, Dean of Students

Michael Dantley, Dean of the College of Education, Health and Society

Marek Dollar, Dean of the College of Engineering and Computing

Tom Herbert, Senior Vice President, University Advancement

Michael Kabbaz, Senior Vice President, Enrollment Management and Student Success

Chris Makaroff, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

Liz Mullenix, Dean of the College of Creative Arts

J.P. Natale, Vice President for Information Technology

Jim Oris, Associate Provost for Research and Dean of the Graduate School

Robin Parker, General Counsel

Ted Pickerill, Secretary to the Board of Trustees

Marc Rubin, Dean of the Farmer School of Business

David Sayler, Director of Athletics

Ron Scott, Associate Vice President, Institutional Diversity

Randi Malcolm Thomas Esq., Director of Institutional Relations