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Tickets on sale for Science Friday

On April 21, radio and television journalist Ira Flatow will host his public radio show "Science Friday" live on campus. The program is broadcast weekly on Public Radio International to an audience of 1.8 million people, and, according to the show's website, offers listeners "a lively, informative discussion on science, technology, health, space and the environment."

In addition to Flatow as host, the Science Friday event at Miami will feature a special lineup of interview guests, to be announced in the coming weeks.

The most recent episode discusses the physics behind an ice skater's perfect spin and highlights how artificial intelligence is making it hard to tell real news from fake.

For his live show at Miami University, Flatow will focus on science news and stories local to southwest Ohio. Flatow has been sharing science with the public for over 35 years: Before he started hosting Science Friday in 1991, Flatow was the science correspondent for National Public Radio (NPR) from 1971 to 1986. He has reported from the South Pole, Kennedy Space Center, Three Mile Island, Antartica and, soon, Oxford, Ohio.

Professors are encouraged to involve the Science Friday event in their curriculum, and students of those who do so will receive discounted $5 tickets. Tickets are currently on sale to all students for $10 and to adults for $20. They can be purchased online or in-person at the Box Office in the Campus Avenue Building.