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TMS Travel: Your guide to Fall Break

As we finish up midterms and put the closing touches on our mid-semester essays, it's time to put the books away, let our brains relax and have some fun on Fall Break.

Yes, it may just be one day off of school that gets conveniently labeled a "vacation," but this long weekend is actually a perfect opportunity to either go home and unwind, or embark on a mini-adventure of your own.

Whether you've already made plans or not, we've got you covered. From tips and tricks to surviving your road trip, to nearby attractions for those remaining in Oxford, to several destinations ideal for day-trips or weekend getaways, today's travel section is your all-encompassing guide for a fulfilling autumn break.

So slip into a cozy sweater, add some pumpkin spice to that latte and hit the fallen-leaf-covered road!