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Road Trip Recommendations: Fall Break

Podcast - Pod Save America

I swear to you, seemingly endless hours in the car will go by in the blink of an eye with this podcast. Four former aides to president Obama sit around a table with some microphones and hash out the issues plaguing this administration with comedians, journalists, politicians and activists. The conversations are lively, freewheeling, unedited, unfiltered and enlightening. "Pod" comes out twice a week. And you cannot miss an episode. - Angela Hatcher, Opinion Editor

Album - Teens of Denial

What better for a roadtrip than a band named Car Seat Headrest? But seriously \0xAD-- clocking in at #4 on Rolling Stone's best albums of 2016, Will Toledo's sophomore album is an odyssey of 20-something anomie complete with casual nihilism and melancholy in major keys. "The Ballad of The Costa Concordia" is particularly cathartic, but the proper introduction is queuing up "Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales" as dusk starts swallowing the highway. - Ryan Terhune, Photo Editor

Coffee -- Pilot Flying J's Intense Blend

Being from Boston and having to make the 15-hour journey between Ox and Mass a few times a year, I've learned to feel at home alone on the open road. Podcasts and audiobooks keep me from growing bored, but I've found that the most sinister enemy behind the wheel is fatigue -- if you ever feel yourself drifting off, recognize it and immediately pull over to catch some shuteye. But if you want to ward off the sleepies preemptively, there's no better cure than a large cup of Pilot Flying J's Intense Blend coffee. It might not be the best-tasting brew, but this is truly the good stuff -- just a few sips of the truck stop's extra-caffeinated blend will kick you into fifth gear. - Devon Shuman, Travel Editor

App - Roadtrippers

Still trying to figure out where you want to go this fall break? Hop on the Roadtrippers app and browse through an array of pre-planned trips, or create your very own from scratch. Once you figure out where you're going, Roadtrippers makes it easy to add interesting stops along the way. Headed toward Pittsburgh? The World's Largest Basket in Newark, Ohio is worth the stop. Driving through Virginia? You might want to check out Foamhenge -- it's almost as good as the real thing. The possibilities are endless. - Emily Brustoski, Videographer

Podcast -- More Perfect

If you enjoy history, politics, government or just really good sound editing, check out podcast heavyweight "Radiolab's" first spin-off series. Now on the third episode of its second season, the show takes a historical lens to the stories of the United States Supreme Court, revealing how complex -- and often humorous -- cases have served as the foundation for many of the debates we talk about today. Check out "Kittens Kick The Giggly Blue Robot All Summer" to learn how a ragtag bunch of judges in a swampy D.C. basement became the highest court in the land. - Jack Evans, Managing Editor

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