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ASG on-campus senators elected

For all on-campus districts, ASG senators have been selected by direct election from their constituents on the Hub. Results were announced Tuesday afternoon, and senators will be sworn in at Tuesday's ASG meeting at 6 p.m. in the Joslin Senate Chamber.

In the First District, Jasmine Adkins and Alexandra Kyle have been elected.

In the Second District, Lukas Schroeder and Kelleigh Beatty have been elected.

In the Third District, Craig Beurlein and Jacob Way have been elected.

In the Fourth District, Zoe Douglas and Rod Smith have been elected.

In the Fifth District, Taylor Liber and Tatum Andres were automatically selected, due to a lack of other candidates.

In the Sixth District, Derien Jackson and Samantha Galarza have been elected.

Michael Meleka has been elected as the single RA senator.

On Sunday, the Seventh and Eighth District senators were selected automatically, as they had no competition. In the Seventh, the new senators are Samantha Brunn and Carson Myers; in the Eighth, Jannie Kamara and Nicholas Ruth.

UPDATE, 11:32 p.m.: Election results for the Fifth Distrct have been added.

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