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Arraignment held for Oxford rape case

WARNING: This article contains disturbing content involving sexual violence.

Three men arrested on charges of rape, sexual battery and kidnapping for the February assault of a 19-year-old female in Oxford were arraigned today.

Rodney Adrian Louis Gibson II, 21, Roger Richard Michael Simpson, 23, and Elijah Lee Mincy, 21, face a combined 72 charges. They are currently being held at the Butler County Jail.

Their bonds were set at Monday's 1 p.m. hearing, said Butler County prosecutor Michael Gmoser -- Gibson's and Mincy's at $250,000 and Simpson's at $300,000.

A statement released Monday by Oxford police reveals details about the assault which Gmoser told the Miami Student is "a case of almost near unparalleled brutality."

The 19-year-old female who was assaulted is not a Miami student, police said, and was visiting friends in Oxford on Saturday, Feb. 11. She was at a party with her friends when they were separated and she was "lured to another apartment by the three males," according to the statement.

She told police she had been intoxicated and was slipping in and out of consciousness when the three men raped her in the bedroom of an apartment in the Level 27 complex on Southpointe Parkway. She repeatedly told them stop, but they continued to assault her, police said.

During the assault, her friends came to the apartment looking for her, but were turned away and told she was not there. Since the men were afraid her friends would call the police, they forced her to answer text messages telling them she was okay. She attempted to leave but was forced back into the bedroom, police said.

Later that night, the men drove her to a bar Uptown, and she was able to find her friends and tell them about the assault, according to the statement. She was taken to McCullough-Hyde Hospital.

Oxford police were notified and met with the woman at the hospital, police said. Detectives were brought onto the case, and a "lengthy investigation" began, involving search warrants, interviews and forensic analysis.

The U.S. Marshal's Service located and arrested Simpson in Cincinnati.

Oxford police arrested Gibson and Mincy in Oxford.

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Gibson and Mincy were previously enrolled at Miami's Hamilton campus and held part-time positions in dining for the university. Neither are current Miami students.

According to police records, Gibson's residence is the Southpointe Parkway apartment where the reported assault occurred.

Gibson faces two counts of rape, one count of sexual battery, two counts of kidnapping, 14 counts of complicity to rape and seven counts of complicity to sexual battery.

Simpson is charged with 10 counts of rape, five counts of sexual battery, two counts of kidnapping, four counts of complicity to rape and two counts of complicity to sexual battery.

Mincy faces four counts of rape, two counts of sexual battery, two counts of kidnapping, 10 counts of complicity to rape and five counts of complicity to sexual battery.